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Big Brother 18 Updates "Where's the Meeting?" 2:00 am BBT, Friday 6/24/16  #BB18 #BBLF

HOH: Talking about fish and sea creatures.

London room: Still discussing votes. Wondering if Frank and James will vote against Paulie. Bronte is nervous because the way the boys run their mouths, the vets know they are against them. Natalie says these guys are nuts. Bronte says if the boys don't come through like they are saying... They giggle as they talk about how unattractive the boys are, just pathetic. Enter Da. They tell her they were talking about how the boys talked to the camera begging people to follow them on social media. Da leaves. They giggle about the boys think they are bullying them into voting how they want. Natalie tells Bronte they need to play smart like Tiffany and Nicole and need to not let the boys manipulate them.

BB tells Paul to put on his mic (don't know where he is, but he's obviously talking)

Bronte talks to Natalie about how the boys will try to get all the girls out first. She says I'll be damned who the final two are, I won't vote for a guy to win. Nothing in this world could make me vote for a boy. Natalie tells her that if they are ever upset, they have to talk it out like the guys do. They discuss how Nicole would never put Victor up - Natalie says he is smart and flirty, and he is a threat in the house. Bronte says it will be hard to get him out of the house when the time comes.

Natalie tells her how Victor insulted her about how much cheese she was eating and how it was gross to be in the kitchen barefooted. She says he has toned it down since Jozea talked to him about it. Tiffany comes in to get her shower gear. Bronte tells Tiffany that she can turn the light out, they are going to sleep. The three talk about tomorrow being POV.  Tiffany thanks Natalie for doing the cooking. Natalie says she loves to cook and it's fun.

HOH: Nicole talks about "lightly" snoring sometimes. Back to discussing sleeping arrangements. James says Bronte has to move out of the London room because he plans on sleeping there. They discuss how the ants have already returned. James and Michelle exit. Da makes her bed on the HOH couch. Zakiyha will sleep with Nicole in the HOH bed.

London room: Enter James. Bronte tells him he can't sleep in the girls room or she will get an azz whooping. Natalie and Bronte say they will bunk up with Bridgette. Michelle says she think Bridgette should sleep in the London room. James says he will see what the other boys are doing. (Da is told by BB to put on her mic)  James returns and says there is no where else to sleep. Bronte tells him he can sleep with Tiffany, and Michelle can sleep with Bridgett because none of them can sleep with a guy in their bed.

James bunks with Tiffany in the London Room. Lights out.

Tokyo room (middle room): Frank in a bed alone. Victor and Jozea in the middle bed. Paulie in his own bed. Lights out, mics off.

London room: Bridgette tells them that no one on her team is talking to her. Frank hasn't spoken to her in two days. She says it is Nicole, Da, Frank, James, Tiffany and Paulie are together as an alliance (she missed only one, Zakiyah). They talk about how the boys need to settle down and Jozea needs to stop attacking the vets and talking for all of them. She says they (Victor and Jozea) told Frank that Paulie is the target and that's when Frank stopped talking to her.

(So far, no house meeting...)

HOH: Tiffany, Zakiyah, Da and Nicole. Tiffany suggests their alliance name - Fatal Five. Nicole likes it. (the fifth girl is Michelle)

2:30 am BBT

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