Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Big Brother 18 Updates "Hiding the Vets Alliance" 1:30 am BBT, Friday 6/24/16  #BB18 #BBLF

Middle bedroom: Tiffany is telling James he needs to talk to Paulie. James doesn't think the meeting will happen at 2 a.m. Frank wants to get some of the mf'ers out of the house. Tiffany reminds him it has only been a week. James excuses himself to go investigate what is happening.

HOH: Da, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle. Girl talk about the good looking guys from other seasons. Da says BB let her down by not giving her a chocolate man. Enter James. Da telling James that Paul said Paulie wanted to break up Jozea and Victor, but thinks he should lay low because they got him and he's not going home. (wow, they haven't even played for POV yet!!)

Middle bedroom: Frank, Tiffany and Paulie talking. Victor comes in then leaves again saying he has to take a shower before going to bed. Frank says he is tired of people f*ing eaves dropping. Frank reassures Paulie he is going to be alright and not to freak out about it.

London room: Natalie and Bronte laying in bed, talking about how paranoid Jozea and Paulie are (just wait till you're on the block ladies).  They discuss votes. Bronte says Frank will vote with the majority of the house. Bronte thinks that if anyone other than Paulie wins veto, Michelle will go up. She tells Natalie that Jozea wants to get strong players out of the house first. She says he thinks he knows everything. She tells Natalie that Victor asked her who was the bigger threat, Nicole or Michelle. She says he told him Nicole and he was surprised. She says she had to remind him that Nicole was HOH and wouldn't be going up anyway. Now stealth whispering about guys alliance.

HOH: Talking about the next HOH, James says he will throw it so no one figures out about the vet's alliance.

2:00 am BBT

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