Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Big Brother 18 Updates "A Little Scheming, a Little Whining" 1:00 am BBT, Friday 6/24/16  #BB18 #BBLF

HOH: James out of the HOH shower. Talking about Jozea asking Corey and Nicole if they're going to bed. Says he just doesn't get it. Tiffany says she has nothing personal against Paulie. Da complaining that "we walked in with the lines drawn in the sand" and it is unfair. James says he is going to follow Paulie around the house for a little bit. Tiffany is paged to switch out her mic. Da watching the spy screen with Zakiyah, telling her that Nicole is her girl forever and ever.

Lounge: Michelle and Nicole. Michelle says she knew that Vic was a total douchebag. Tiffany joins them, followed by James. Talking about Vic trying to create a diversion. Michelle says he is trying to get information out of her. Small talking about sleeping arrangements. Nicole whines about being tired. Back to discussing the upcoming meeting. Discussing how the first vote of the season will be unanimous. James wants to hide in the lounge. Nicole crawls under the couch. Michelle checks and tells Nicole she can't be seen at all. Paulie walks to the bathroom areas, then back again to the kitchen. James closes the door. James then hides under the other couch. Paul opens the door, Michelle tells him she is alone and talking to herself. Paul leaves.

HOH: Discussing Frank wanting Michelle out. Says Victor and Jozea are playing it. Enter Paul. Paul tells them Paulie is trying to split up Jozea and Victor alliance.

Bathroom: Paulie brushing his teeth, Michelle washing hands. Paul is paged to the DR. Bridgette tells him to go right now. Victor on the couch watching. Natalie, Michelle and Bronte talking about facials. Tiffany stretched out on the couch, gets up and leaves.

HOH: Nicole, Zakiyah and Da. Talking about their teams and being afraid that two of her team will go on the block together. Nicole says she really likes Corey but people are watching now.

Middle bedroom: Tiffany in her bed, Frank in his, James sitting at the foot of Frank's bed. Discussing crashing the 2 a.m. meeting.

1:30 am BBT

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