Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Big Brother 18 Updates "Likes and Dislikes" 12:30 am BBT, Friday 6/24/16  #BB18 #BBLF

Bedroom: Pillow fight continues.

Kitchen: Paulie and Corey washing dishes, Da putting food in containers for storage. Zakiyah, Michelle and Nicole watch.

Living room: Victor and Jozea talking about not trusting "her" and needing to vote "her" out. Paul joins them.

Bedroom: Pillow fight has moved to dining area. Lights out because Frank wants to sleep.

Living Room: Victor and Jozea alone again, talking about Michelle and Nicole. Victor says it was a mistake from the beginning trusting "them" and they can't let it happen again. (very hard to hear because of the noise from the pillow fight in the dining room)  BB calls Tiffany out for mic problems.

Bedroom: James and Bridgette turn the lights on in the bedroom and continue their fight. Bridgette is now flipping James with a towel, James has only his pillow. Bridgette runs, James tells Frank he thinks she was raised with a bunch of brothers. Frank says she does have good technique.

Living room: Bronte and Paul have joined Jozea and Victor.

HOH: Tiffany and Da in the HOH bed talking. James and Victor enter talking about the pillow fight. Tiffany leaves.Victor goes into the HOH toilet, Da motions to James (looks like she is unhappy Victor is with him). Small talk. James hids behind the door to scare Zakiyah as she enters. She screeches then talk about Nichole telling them they could sleep "in here". Da motions to her about Victor being in the HOH bathroom. More small talk.

BB pages Jozea to the DR. Tiffany returns to the HOH room and gets in bed next to Da. Victor leaves the HOH room and tells them they will sleep tight tonight. Zakiyah shows she dislikes Victor as the door closes. Da says that Jozea thinks he is the Messiah and their lives are in their hands. Says Vic thinks he is the Messiah's business partner. Enter Nicole. Nicole tells them she doesn't want to be alone and that she wants to share the wealth. Da says Jozea wants to stay up all night - Nicole says she thinks that is dumb since they have POV tomorrow, but don't tell him.  Da tells Nichole she is glad she is there and is glad to play the game with her.

Talk turns to "they are a fake showmance" but they broke up. Da now complaining that Jozea didn't wash any dishes. Nicole leaves the room. Da tells the feeders she hopes they are rooting for Nicole because "she is a whole nuther person".

Living room: Nicole joins Victor and Paul and they do a little a** kissing, telling her she is a 10 when she smile... blah blah blah.

Feeds to the bathroom: Bronte and Natalie whispering. Bridgette comes in and gets into the shower (changing to night clothes)

1:00 am BBT

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