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Thursday March 30, 2017

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BIG BROTHER 15 UPDATES, FINAL 2! MONDAY 7-01-2013 5:30-6:00 BBT


OUTSIDE: Spencer said that Elissa said that Aaryn and GM have a blonde Bunny Alliance.

Maybe is true or maybe Elissa dreamed it.
Andy said that they need to get Nick out soon. Andy said that he just does not sit well for me I am red flagging him.

Andy states that it don't matter if its a tie McCea will vote David out. Spencer says it won't be a tie he is working on Candace. Candace will listen to me she will. They say good.




OUTIDE: Only Judd and Spencer. They are game talking. Judd asked him who he should put up if they won HOH. Spencer says like maybe Aaryn and Kaitlyn. Or if Elissa gets MVP Judd said she could put up Jeremy. Spencer said that he wants Aaryn out before Jeremy. Judd really wants Jeremy out. Spencer says you know where Jeremy stands you don't know where Aaryn stands. Judd says that he wants final 2 with spencer. Spencer says he would love to be there with him. They say Nick is acting very funny. Spencer also states that Helen is really close with Elissa and Candace. We need to watch that.


{sidebar id=8}IN THE HOUSE: the house is all a sleep. I can hear snoring.


Spencer and Judd come in and use the restroom. Judd is breathing his teeth. Spencer comes out of the bathroom washes for a second. Judd said thanks for the hotdog man. Spencer says hey no problem. Spencer says good night when Judd was using the bathroom. Spencer is now in the bedroom and getting in bed. 


Judd is the last to be up.

Camera's are on the sleeping house guests....


No sign of Judd!



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