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Sunday April 30, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Taste on ABC. Tonight we are in week three of the competition and the kitchen is hotter than ever. Thirteen cooks remain,but two will go home. Let’s get cooking!

The theme tonight is Happy Holidays. The guest judge for the first challenge is Naomi Pameroy. 

Each team will have to make a dish chosen by their mentors. 

Anthony: A bird that isn’t a turkey.

Marcus: Festive Fowl

Nigella: Spiced chocolate dessert

Ludo: Duck with sauce

The judges/mentors give their teams ideas on what to cook and then leave them to make their own dishes. They offer advice and ask questions to get an idea of what is going on. 

Mia’s story about losing her sister Gia breaks my heart. I just want to hug her. 

Before long, it is time to choose the dishes to taste. 

Nigella: Mia—Gingerbread chocolate cake

Ludo: Dan—Duck with sauce and roasted pear

Marcus: Gabe—Squabe with fig.

Anthony: Tarik—Duck breast with carrot puree

Naomi tastes the dishes and ranks them:

1st: Ludo

2nd: Anthony

3rd: Marcus

4th Nigella

Nigella will now have to send someone home. Since there are only two people left, it’s going to be a hard decision. However, Mia goes home. 

Ludo’s team gets a private cooking lesson from Naomi. She is an interesting teacher. Not only is she self taught, but she tastes everything and gives advice on how to make things better in terms of the amount of ingredients they should use.

The second challenge is to cook a holiday dish, past or present. Again, the judges are watching and making commentary. 

Jen runs out of time and only gets three spoons out instead of four. 

The judges taste and pick their favorite spoons:

Anthony: Tarik—crispy fried pork belly

Marcus: Gabe—seared duck with apple puree

Nigella: Tom—butternut squash puree

Ludo: Dan—prime rib with potatoes and mushrooms


Anthony: Tom—butternut squash puree

Marcus: Jen—prime rib

Nigella: Jen—prime rib

Ludo: Joe—Modern Kentucky hot brown

Joe and Jen are in the cook off. They have to make a cornish hen in forty minutes. The one with the worst dish will go home.

The judges taste each dish and then deliberate. Although his dish was a bit more favorable, Joe is sent home. My heart breaks for him because I truly think he deserves to be there. Marcus says he is proud and doesn’t deserve to leave. 

Join us next week for more of The Taste on ABC. Goodnight.
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