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Sunday April 30, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Taste on ABC. This is the second episode of the season and already things are heating up in the kitchen. Unfortunately, my DVR didn’t tape the first hour, but I will recap the best I can.

The theme is under the sea and when I tune in they are eating Benjamin’s scallops. They seem to enjoy them, as well as the other dishes they taste. I hate how it goes by so fast that you can’t really tell who made what. (unless you pause fifteen million times!) Natasha is missing something on one of her spoons (which Ludo gets) and PK’s dish is a hit. 

They go over the pros and cons of each spoon and it is confusing because not only is it very fast, but I still don’t know who anyone is except Joe from Big Brother. 

The judges deliberate and choose their favorite dishes. The cooks get gold stars if their dish is chosen.

The Favorites:
Anthony: Natasha

Marcus: Joe

Nigella: Natasha

Ludo: Gabe

Natasha’s dish was Thai red curry with mussels and squid.

Joe made sea urchin with a raw quail egg and shrimp and pepper.

Gabe made seared herb cod with herbs.

The least favorite dishes are also chosen:

Anthony: Jake

Marcus: Mia

Nigella: Jen

Ludo: Natasha

Anthony and Ludo argue over the fact that Ludo chose Natasha’s dish as his least favorite. Anthony also points out that nobody on his team is in the bottom. 

Jake’s scallop dish is declared bland.

Mia’s salmon and scallop dish had too much going on.

Jen’s salmon lacks flavor.

Natasha and Jen want Jake to go home, but he wants to get rid of Jen. The two of them argue and then Mia chimes in and says she also wants Jen to go home. They also begin to argue. Jen says they are best friends, but Mia says that is not the case. I feel like I am back in high school listening to these girls. 

The judges deliberate and argue over who should be in the taste off. 

Natasha and Mia safe. 

Jake and Jen are in the taste off. They will have to make a fish dish and the judges can advise, but not physically help. 

Jake’s halibut is good, but needs another element. 

Jen’s halibut and tomato has a bit of a kick to it. 

At the end of the day, Jake is sent home. 

Join us next week for more of The Taste! Goodnight!

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