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Sunday April 30, 2017

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Hello and welcome to The Taste on ABC. Tonight is the third season premiere that will help discover new talent in the culinary world. Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Marcus Samuelsson return to judge.

First up is firefighter Dan, who hopes to impress with his crab cake. It does not look particularly appetizing, (it is even compared to dog poop!) but Nigella points out the taste is what matters. 

Anthony: Tasty, but too bready.

Marcus: Too lumpy.

Nigella: She is willing to work with him.

Ludo: He wants him in his kitchen.

Choice: Ludo

Next up is Mika who makes oxtails and collard greens in honor of her grandma. However, she runs out of time and doesn’t make enough spoons and leaves off ingredients. This does not impress the judges. She is in tears as she is sent home.

Jen from Boston makes a deconstructed New England Clam Chowder. She is confident….until she forgets one of her ingredients. 

Anthony: She made an error in deconstructing.

Marcus: It was confusing.

Nigella: She’d adore to have her in her kitchen.

Ludo: He saw something in her.

Choice: Ludo

Gabe makes cod with succotash. He impresses all the judges and they all want him on their team. 

Choice: Marcus

We see a montage of people cooking and presenting their dishes and getting rejected. 

We also get a montage of people who make it to the next round. 

Joe from Big Brother makes a shrimp and crab seafood dish. This is his comeback after he lost his restaurant. 

Nigella: The broth lacked something.

Anthony: He passed.

Marcus: He wants him in his kitchen.

Ludo: He also wants him in his kitchen. 

Choice: Marcus

Vanessa makes Turkish Kofta that impresses all the judges. They all fight to have her on their team.

Choice: Anthony

Myrna and her boyfriend Jake each cook a dish for the judges. She makes a Filipino noodle  dish that fails to impress, but his pork tenderloin impresses everyone. 

Choice: Marcus

Tristen makes crudo and quinoa popcorn.

Ludo: He says no.

Nigella: She wants him in her kitchen.

Anthony: He would be thrilled, delighted and honored to be in the kitchen with him.

Marcus: He also wants to work with him.

Choice: Marcus

His kitchen is now full. 

We get a montage of people who make it through to the next round before we get to Mia, who has a restaurant named Gia in honor of her late sister. Her chicken breast goes over well, but everyone’s team is full—except for Nigella’s. She ends up on her team by default.

Now that the teams are set, everyone must compete in a team challenge. Chef Stephanie Izard is the mentor. The challenge is childhood favorites of the mentors. 

Anthony chooses a ragu.

Nigella chooses macaroni and cheese. 

Marcus chooses curried chicken.

Ludo chooses an omelette. 

The mentors demonstrate their recipes and then send their contestants off to cook. It is a tough decision, but soon they need to choose whose spoons will be put for the taste test. 

Nigella chooses Mia.

Anthony chooses Eric.

Marcus chooses Tristen.

Ludo chooses Benjamin.

Stephanie enjoys all the dishes, but in the end, chooses Team Marcus as the winner. 

Second place goes to Team Ludo. Team Anthony is in third, which leaves Nigella dead last and having to send someone home. 

Each member states their case as to why they should stay. Most of the girls want PK to go home, whoever she is. We really didn’t get to know her. 

Renee is sent  home. she is sad, but looking forward to cooking for her boys.

Join us next week for more of The Taste. Goodnight.

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