Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Quest on ABC. When we last left our heroes, the Queen had been poisoned. Will the Paladins be able to save her? We are about to find out!

When we open, the Queen is laying on her bed in dire straits. Everyone is worried about her, wondering if they will be able to save her in time. Since The Grand Vizier has no idea how to save her, the Paladins must search through scrolls in order to find her symptoms and then search for a cure. 

There is a mad rush to find the scroll with the proper symptoms, for everyone wants to be the one to save the Queen. Patrick finally finds the one he thinks has the proper symptoms, but there is still a risk that it is wrong and they misdiagnosed her. If this is the case, the antidote might kill the Queen. 

The Vizier implies that he thinks one of the Paladins might have poisoned the Queen, which upsets Andrew. 

It turns out they have the correct symptoms, so the Paladins go off to search for the proper ingredients to make the antidote. They are off to the woods (no word if the go over a river and make a stop at Grandmother's house) with Crio. 

Some of the ingredients needed are banshee's blood and dragon's tears. 

Once there, the Paladins meet a witch, who leads them to where the ingredients are located. There is once again a mad rush to get the ingredients because everyone wants to play the hero. 

Sounds easy, right? Nope! They must now search for the key to open the doors holding the ingredients. Patrick, Andrew and Adria seem to do well during this challenge, while Christian and Leticia struggle. Jim and Bonnie work together,

 {sidebar id=8}Each door reveals an ingredient, which leads to another door. At the end of the final door is the dragon's tears. Since there is only one vial, there is a mad dash (between Andrew and Patrick) to get it. 

Andrew gets the vial and wins the challenge. 

Now Andrew must mix the ingredients and form the potion. As he is working, the witch yells at them to run. 

However, alls well that ends well, for the potion saves the Queen. Hooray for Andrew!

Jim, Christian and Bonnie are in the bottom three. This is Jim's second week in the bottom three, so he is a bit upset. Christian is also upset because it is his third time in the bottom three. 

Andrew gets a medal of wisdom for saving the queen. 

The Fate's Challenge has them remaking the potion…and there is something involving rings that tells them if they used the correct ingredients. Bonnie wins and is safe.

Jim and Christian state their cases as to why they should stay. At the end of the day, Jim is eliminated.

Join us next week to find out what happens regarding the looming threat Sir Ansgar warned them about at the end of the show! Goodnight. 

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