Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello! Welcome to The Quest on ABC. The adventures continue tonight as the eleven remaining Paladins compete for a chance to be the last hero standing. What will happen this week in Everealm? We are about to find out.

However,  we must first spend five minutes recapping last week's episode. Once we are done with that, everyone gathers to get their next task from the Queen. Bonnie is relieved that she is on their side. 

The Queen tells Sir Ansgar to treat her guests with respect, and he says as you wish….yay for a Princess Bride reference. 

There is an attack on a solider, which leads to Sir Ansgar wondering what they would do for their kingdom. They all agree they would do anything, so they are sent to the training field. There are a few snafus during the first challenge, and they are warned that a Paladin cannot die. To be honest, it is incredibly confusing to follow. 

Challenge two!

Jasmine gets 91 points and a smile during her bow and arrow shooting.

Leticia gets 83 points.

We run through several of them pretty fast, so it is hard to tell who gets what, but Andrew gets 91 points and he is told to respect the queen. He calls her  Mi'Lady, which might come and bite him in the ass later. 

Bonnie gets 40 points, disappointing herself and Sir Ansgar. He warns her that she is going to get killed. Adria says Bonnie has such a goodness in her heart, in the true tradition of all people named Bonnie. Namely, my grandma and godmother.

Shando gets 183 points.

Christian gets 30 points. 

Shando is the highest score, so he gets the mark of Dexterity. 

 {sidebar id=8}Jim, Ashley and Christian get the lowest scores and now must face elimination. 

Everyone heads back to the palace to discuss the events of the day. Leticia thinks Jim is psyching himself out.

Ashley thinks there are a lot of cliques and that Christian is using that to his advantage so he can stay. 

Everyone gathers once more to prepare for their next test. They see an image of Katie, who was eliminated last week. Jim realizes he could be next. 

Their task is to correctly mount the most horseshoes. Ashley feels confident and calm, while Jim plows right through the task without looking at anyone else. 

Jim wins the task, which means either Ashley or Christian will be going home. The other Paladins must vote for who they want to stay. 

After the Paladins deliberate, they stand by who they want to stay. They are neck and neck in terms of votes, but at the end of the day, Ashley is sent to banishment. 

The remaining Paladins talk about the elimination before they are called together again to eat. The queen arrives to join them and talks about how the castle was like a playground for her and her brother when they were children. She says he died when he was ten and that she thinks he could have been a good king. 

She toasts to the future and thanks them for their selfless dedication and bravery. As they begin to discuss the rest of the day, the queen begins to choke and collapses. 

Join us next week for more of The Quest on ABC. Goodnight!  

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