Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Quest on ABC. Tonight is the series premiere of one of the summer's most anticipated shows and we are here with all the details. This show is Lord Of The Rings meets Amazing Race on steroids and already one of my new TV obsessions. 

 {sidebar id=8}The show has twelve Paladins who have been chosen to live in a castle and e  save the land of Everrealm.  Each week, they will face new challenges and face elimination at the end of each episode until a winner is crowned.
The first mission is to find twelve ancient pieces of the sun spear. They will then meet Creo, who will lead them through the forest of Marwood. 

It might sound easy, but once they arrive at the castle, they are tossed into a dungeon by the people of Everrealm. While they are waiting to be rescued (or try and figure out if they need to find an escape plan) they all introduce themselves and talk.

While they are getting to know each other, a man arrives and tells them that the first quest was thousands of years ago and talks a bit about the sun spheres and how the last one standing was considered a hero. 

Creo lets them out and they are taken to their rooms. 

The next day, they wake up to screaming and orders to put on medieval clothing. They then go outside to begin their training. The queen has the guard turn them into warriors. 

The Paladins are put into groups of three and must do a task where one shoots an arrow, one fetches it and the other gives directions. 

The Red Team-6 targets

The White Team-13 targets

The Yellow Team-10 targets

The Blue Team-4 targets. 

Bonnie from the White Team is given a Badge Of Leadership for being the eyes of her team. 

The Blue Team must eliminate someone. To determine this, the queen has them do a competition, which is another arrow task. Patrick and Katie lose the task, which means now the others need to vote on which one of them will leave. 

After they deliberate, they announce that in a 2-8 vote, Katie is sent home. 

Join us next week for more of The Quest on ABC. Goodnight. 

Here is a look at the entire episode in case you missed it

The Quest Replay

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