Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to the season finale of The Quest on ABC. It has been a challenging time for our heroes, but tonight one of them will be crowned the one true hero. Who will it be? We are about to find out!

The Paladins, the Queen, Crio and Sir Ansgar were kidnapped and trapped by  Vizier, who is confirmed to be a bad guy. However, the Paladins know they must save the Queen, Crio and Sir Ansgar. They escape their imprisonment and rush to save them. Once everyone is free, they have to be hidden—-FAST! 

They all get hidden, but it is a close call. As they hide, Ansgar gets the Mark of Strength. 

It is now time for the bottom three to compete another challenge to see who will stay and who will be banished. They will face the test of spirit. 

This episode is SO confusing.It feels so rushed and it is hard to follow.

They have to carry the offering without dropping it or face banishment. Poor Lina struggles at the end and wonders if this cost her the competitions. 

Shondo wins, which means either Lina or Patrick will be banished. At the end of the day, it is Patrick who is banished. However, he is proud of himself and says he is a hero to his wife and kids. 

The remaining Paladins must now continue the quest. This will determine who is the one true hero. 

They must now find the scroll, read the map and let the races begin, baby—to quote Shondo. The test has something to do with balancing, but this show goes by so fast it is hard to understand what is really going on. 

Andrew has trouble finding his chain and is worried when Lina has hers first. Once he finds it, he uses it in the way he thinks he is supposed to, but realizes it was supposed to be alternating. 

The pressure is on as they continue to finish the challenge. Lina is confident she got it right, while Shondo starts to worry. He makes a funny quip about being from Houston and having a problem, 

Lina continues the challenge by trying to hit a bullseye. She comes so close her first time, but starts to struggle. 

Andrew starts to catch up with Lina, while Shondo continues to struggle. He feels bad that he let this slip through his fingers, but is proud of all he did and says he is still a hero. He is banished.

Lina keeps trying to get the bullseye while Andrew moves to the bullseye task and tries to become the one true hero. 

Lina finally gets the bullseye and it is all over. She puts together the sun sphere and is crowned the one true hero. 

Even though he did not win, Andrew realizes what it truly means to be a hero. He says the fact that Lina had a heart of purity and goodness made her the one true hero.

Lina holds the sun sphere high and makes the banished Paladins appear. She reflects on her journey and and says that they will all defeat Verlox together. 

Sir Ansgar will also be joining them in the fight. 

The battle is incredible! Granted, I am a nerd and love stuff like this, but this is like nothing I have ever seen. 

The Paladins win the battle as the sun rises and they return to their world, where they are greeted by cheers and applause. 

Thanks for reading our recaps and join us next season. Goodnight. 

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