Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Quest on ABC. When we last left our heroes, Adria and Christian were banished and Verlox invaded the castle. Our Paladins must now do whatever it takes to keep the queen safe. 

As they all fight, the queen is given a necklace to keep her safe. The Paladins must now sneak into the forest with Crio and Ansgar, who gives them bow and arrow training. 

This leads to the next training, followed by something where they have to put up flags. It is very fast paced and confusing. It seems like they are trying to send a message. 

Patrick’s team wins the task, so he wins the Mark of Intelligence. Everyone now runs through the forest once again to stay safe. Ansgar gives them tips on how to stay hidden. They then set up tents and get some rest.

Although they are all drinking and getting along, Bonnie and Leticia worry about what will happen later on if they are in the bottom three because there are so many alliances forming. 

{sidebar id=8}The time has come to find out who is in danger of being banished. Leticia, Bonnie and Lina are sent to perform the task that will determine their fate. It is a memory challenge, which causes even more anxiety. 

Bonnie wins, which leaves Lina and Leticia in danger of being banished. The Paladins deliberate and then decide who they want to stay.

At the end of the day, Lina is saved by everyone, which means Leticia is banished. I feel so bad for her because she was all alone at the end.  She was a sweetheart and it really broke my heart to have her leave this way. 

The five remaining Paladins go to the raid that is taking place.  Everyone seems suspicious of a certain person because he is always there when danger takes place. 

Sir Ansgar joins them as they head to the Dragon’s Lair. The challenge is to trap the dragon and put him back there before night falls. 

Lina and Bonnie seem to be having trouble with the task, but Andrew ends up winning the Mark Of Bravery. Once the task is complete, they have to camouflage the area with branches. 

When they relax, the discussion turns to the evil surrounding the house. 

Patrick, Bonnie and Lina are in danger of being banished. They must do another challenge to prove they are worthy of staying. The challenge consists oft them going into a dragon hole and find and move the eggs. 

Patrick wins, which means that either Lina or Bonnie will be going home. The other Paladins deliberate and decide to keep Lina and banish Bonnie. She gets hugs as she says goodbye.

The queen says they have to look out for each other now. 

Join us next week for more of The Quest. Goodnight!

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