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Hello, and welcome to The Quest on ABC. When we last left our heroes, the Paladins learned there was an ogre on the loose. (Was anyone else's first thought Shrek?) We are about to find out what will happen next as they face this new obstacle. 

We watch the Ansgar battle the ogre and he announces it is time for some training. Shondo says the way he battles is how it is done, but there also must be a moment where you look back and wink at the ladies. 

Training time! Lina and Christian are the team captains. They choose their teams and the training begins. It is quite interesting to see the teamwork that goes into the process. I also love seeing everyone find their inner strength in order to accomplish the task of breaking down the door. 

Christian says he hopes his allies have his back at the end of the day. 

 {sidebar id=8}Andrew doesn't think Christian is a true hero that possesses honesty and loyalty. People wonder why he chose the teams he did and if there was a motive behind it.  

They must now choose the person with the most ingenuity on each team. Lina gets the Mark of Ingenuity

As they practice sword fighting, each person reflects on their fellow competitors. 

That night, everyone is put in cages for the next part of the obstacle. Bonnie seems to be struggling, which worries some of her fellow competitors. I love how they come together to take care of her when she ends up get hurt.

When they get back, Patrick is told he will remain in the competition. Christian, Adria and Bonnie are up for banishment. 

Everyone deliberates before coming to a decision. Although everyone is against Christian, Letitia stands behind him because she believes nobody should have to turn around and discover they are alone. She is such a sweetheart. 

Christian is banished. 

After a singalong, we get to the next part of The Quest. After they go on a search for missing orbs, they meet up with Ansgar and a falcon. He lets the bird fly and tells them to continue searching for the orbs. 

There is a mad dash to start searching, Everyone has their own strategy to find them and their own reason to want to win this challenge. 

Andrew sees that Lina found one of the orbs by looking in an area he missed. 

Bonnie also finds an orb.

Shando finds the third orb.

Patrick finds the fourth orb.

Andrew is very upset for losing and feels like a failure. Adria and Letitia feel the same way. 

Lina wins the Mark Of Observation. 

Ansgar is with a feral looking guy. He threatens him and then the Paladins are given pieces of a map that they must put together. 

I am completely confused by the next part of putting the map together and the events that follow. All I know is that everyone is worried about being banished. 

Andrew. Letitia and Adria are at risk of being banished. In order to spare themselves, they must take swords and place them in order so they create a beam of light.

Andrew wins, which means Letitia or Adria will be banished. The remaining Paladins have to pick who they want to stay on the show.

As an aside, Letitia looks just like Gina Torres. 

At the end of the day, Adria is banished. Everyone else is told that it will only get harder from here on out. 

Everyone toasts to saving the castle. They chat about  love and life when Ansgar talks about losing his wife. He also talks about someone showing up after several years, but it is not specified about who it is. However, it seems as if he is someone significant. 

The show ends with someone showing up, ready for attack….stay tuned to see what happens next. Goodnight. 

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