Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Quest on ABC. Tonight, our heroes will continue their journey to reclaim the sun sphere. What adventures await our Paladins? We are about to find out. 

After a recap of last week's episode, our Paladins are put through a drill that scares the living daylights out of them. Creo thanks them for saving the Queen and says they will be trained for their next challenge. 

Bonnie, Shondo and Andrew will pick who they want to go to battle with because they won challenges. 

The picking of teams goes by WAY too fast, so I miss it. They are sent to bed to prepare for tomorrow's battle training. 

The next morning consists of sword training. It is actually pretty cool to watch. Creo wants to know each person's weakest point and says nobody should trust anyone. 

After the fighting training, Creo has each person point out each other's strengths and weaknesses. He says they need to know weak points and to stop being so nice. He is preparing them for battle. He says the teams chosen the previous day are now the enemy. 

 {sidebar id=8}Everyone suits up for battle. It is incredible to watch because it seems so real. I actually had to stop recapping because I am so enchanted by it! 

At the end, Letitia wins the Mark of Strategy. 

Jasmine, Lina and Adria are in the bottom and now face banishment. They must now face another challenge. The winner will be safe, while the others will be up for banishment. 

To me, it looks like they are playing baseball with a sword instead of a bat. Adria wins, which means either Lina or Jasmine will be banished. 

The other Paladins choose who they want to stay by standing next to them At the end of the day, Jasmine is banished.

The Queen tells Letitia she did a good job and then goes off to rest. 

The show ends with Creo saying there is an ogre on the loose. 

Join us next week for more of The Quest on ABC. Goodnight. 

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