Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose. We will now get an update on Andi and Josh. We will also find out how Nick is doing after being rejected by Andi. 

Chris Harrison says that Nick was desperately in love and tried to contact Andi on multiple occasions. We see an update on his life and him being depressed. His mom even talks about how heartbroken he is and how he deserves to have answers. 

Nick did try to talk to Andi at the Men Tell All, but she said no. He gives Chris Harrison a letter to give to her instead. 

Back to the live show. Nick comes out and he is still depressed and still in love with Andi. He is glad he has friends and family to support him through all this. He is still having a hard time talking about it, but doesn't think it is fair to say she made a mistake. This heartbreak is genuine and breaks my own heart. He is happy for Josh, but will always wonder what it could have been.

Chris then talks to Andi, who sees Nick for the first time since she dumped him. He says he wanted her to know how he feels about her. He says that even though he is heartbroken, he will always be eternally grateful for the fact he got to know her. 

Andi says she is grateful he got to this point and he deserves to find that great love. He says the hard part was watching everything back and really thinking that she loved him. 

Chris asks her if she was in love with him and she says that although she had a great relationship with him, her relationship with Josh felt more right. 

{sidebar id=8}Nick is still upset and doesn't know why she handled things how she did if she wasn't in love with him. She says they could talk about that in private, but everything she said and did was real. He says she knew how he felt and her behavior was a bit cavalier. She says this is why she ended things when and how she did. We go round and round on this half a million times until Chris ends things to show us a premiere of Bachelor In Paradise. It is the same one we saw last week during the Men Tell All. Tune in next Monday for our recaps!

Josh comes out and we see them hug, kiss and gush over how much they love each other. We hear about how in love they are and how they spend time together doing simple things such as walking the dog and they just keep telling each other how much they love each other. Oh, and they spend the night at each other's houses. 

They plan to enjoy their engagement for the time being, but it sounds like they might get married within the next six months, which is a year after their engagement. Oh, and she is NOT pregnant. 

Chris talks about Andi's frown and brings out Grumpy Cat. He also makes fun of her saying STOP. Seeing them cuddle with Grumpy Cat is actually kind of cute. 

Congratulations to the happy couple again and stay tuned for more show coverage in the coming months. Goodnight.

After The Final Rose

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