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Hello, and welcome to The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All on ABC. Tonight, Andi Dorfman's former suitors will reunite to spill about all the drama, tears and fun times during their time on the show. We will also hear from Andi herself as she is reunited with those she rejected. 

Chris Harrison opens the show by telling us all of our favorite men will return for a reunion like we've never seen before. 

However, we first get an update on Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum. Aw, she looks so cute! They are expecting their first baby October 7th. She is the happiest pregnant lady I have ever seen and he is the sweetest daddy-to-be! They are also moving to Miami. They want a change and to be closer to family. Chris quips that they are going to be closer to Juan Pablo. 

After they joke about baby names, we get to see a live ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby--even though they announced it months ago. It actually is quite adorable. The love and joy in their faces is genuine. We see a picture of Chris on the ultrasound and then find out--again--that they are having a boy. I admit, I teared up. Congratulations to them. 

We then get a preview of Bachelor In Paradise. OMG in heaven….trainwreck TV at its best---and I will be here every Monday to give you all the details. I'll even provide the wine. It all begins Monday, August 4. Some of the cast members--Chris B (Emily's season),  Michelle, (Brad's second season) Graham (DeAnna's season)  and Sarah  (Ben's season) are all in the audience. 

Chris introduces Andi's former suitors. We have Carl, Brett, Andrew, Patrick, Bradley, Ron, Craig, Nick S, Tasos, JJ, Marquel, Cody, Dylan, Brian, Marcus and Chris on hand to--tell all! For some reason, they were all wearing scarves. 

As an aside, I wonder if they will mention Eric? 

Chris says he was taken by how beautiful she was and how she has a lot to offer. She had a lot of what he was looking for and it sealed the deal.

Marquel, who is wearing a cookie pin, says this situation was a blessing and his approach to go after what he wanted. 

One of the guys serif he felt insecure about being shirtless in front of the guys. 

We get a montage of the season's highlights and then Marquel talks about the incident with Andrew making racial comments. He says he wanted to take the right approach, which everyone, especially Ron respects.

{sidebar id=8}Andrew (who calls Marquel Ron) tries to defend himself and says that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Chris Harrison shows us video of the incident where he allegedly made the insensitive comment. There was no audio and it was dark, so I have no idea what was said. Andrew says he didn't say anything bad, but JJ disagrees. This causes an argument, where the guys accuse JJ of just causing drama in the house. It goes round and round and I get bored and tune out. Andrew hopes they can be friends again someday. 

Marquel says he forgives Andrew, but won't forget. 

Another aside. JJ is again dressed like the Bill Nye The Science Guy/Doctor Who love child and I love it!

JJ apologizes for causing drama, but he was trying to do what was right. He says he doesn't care about what Andrew said, which annoys the guys. 

Marquel goes into the hot seat. We get a montage of his time on the show before Chris talks to him. He says that he and Andi had a great connection, but got stuck in the friend zone. He said he didn't kiss her because he wasn't sure she wanted it and jokes that looking back he looked like a square. He wishes he would have done things differently, but says that she had better connections with the other guys. 

Marquel will also be on Bachelor in Paradise. 

At the end of his segment, he gives the audience cookies.

Marcus is in the next one in the hot seat. We get a montage of his time on the show before he is questioned by Chris. He says he really opened up and loved someone, which is something that is difficult for him. He says he was honest and matured a lot being with her. He knows what true love is like because of Andi. He is also going on Bachelor in Paradise. That is pretty much all I got from this. 

Chris is the next in the hot seat and gets a montage of his own. He says he saw a lot in Andi that he wanted and did everything he could to try and start a future with her. He wished he had more time with her and that she would have given him a chance. He says he is going to be himself, focus on being the best he can be and hopes love will find him again.

There is a girl in the audience who says she is his secret admirer and wants to date him. They do a quick speed dating before we get to Andi. 

When Andi goes into the hot seat, Chris asks her why she rejected him. She says she had the most fun on his hometown, but knew it wasn't there, which is why she sent him home before the fantasy date. She thanks him for being such a gentleman.

She tells Marcus she wasn't sure she would be able to catch up to him. 

She also tells them that she sent the home as soon as she knew there was nothing there because otherwise she felt it would be unfair to them. She says there was no romance with Marquel and there is some joking about who kissed her and when. 

Nick S. was concerned about her guard being up. 

After Andi and Chris joke about her being pregnant, she talks some more about the journey and tabloid rumors.

Chris then reminds her of the lie detector results. Oh STOPPPPP. (They joke about this!)

Brian, Marcus, JJ, Chris, Dylan and Josh were on this date. Brian, JJ and Chris were completely truthful, which means Marcus, Dylan and Josh told some lies. 

Marcus's lie was that he slept with fewer than twenty women. Andi warns him not to answer. 

After some jokes about Dylan's hygiene, we find out he lied about preferring brunettes and being ready to marriage.

Josh told two lies---which Chris says he would want to know if it were one of his final two. Andi opts to NOT find out and just trust him.

Andi's biggest secret is that she came on the show to roll bloopers.

Blooper reel. We hear someone in the bathroom, a broken glass trick, people falling, drinks spilling, dancing, Andi using nasal spray and a bunch of other fun moments. 

We get a look at Andi's journeys with Nick and Josh. Join us next week to see who she chooses. Goodnight!

The show ends with Chris giving Andi a letter--and we are left wondering if she read it.

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