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Bachelorette July1 leadThe Bachelorette
Recap For July 1, 2013

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Last week, we discovered James was using the show as a platform to be the next Bachelor…making the guys wonder if he is here for the right reasons. Ladies, gentlemen…get your wine ready, make sure you have some snacks, because you might not want to get up once the show begins. It looks like the poop is going to hit the fan tonight!

We are in Barcelona for the 2013 Bachelorette World Tour. The guys are excited to be here for food, wine and love. We get a rehash of the James situation and then Chris Harrison tells them about the dates, one group and two one on ones. As always, there will be a rose given on the group date and if one is denied on the one on one they are kicked out…no rose for you!

Drew's one on one clue is Let's Build A Foundation For Love. He is quite excited and is really looking forward to it. He isn't going to let the James drama ruin his day---as he shouldn't!

Des says they started off as friends and is looking forward to seeing where things go. They meet up and explore the rainy city. They drink from a fountain that promises they will go back to Spain and enjoy wine and good conversation.  They talk about how his dad is a recovering alcoholic, how he changed for the better and how he now has cancer. I am tearing up because it breaks my heart.

They explore a bit more and enjoy dinner before he takes her hand and finds a place for them to make out. She sees him in a different light because he is a romantic, sensual kisser. She wants it to last forever.

Drew gets a rose, and then proceeds to tell her about the James debacle and how Kasey knows too. She thanks him for telling her and is disappointed in James. If the show had a swear jar, that curse was probably worth at least $3. She says if they are not there for love, they can leave.

Brooks, Chris, Kasey, Michael, James and Juan Pablo are on the group date. The clue is LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE.

{sidebar id=8}Juan Pablo is a bit bummed because he wants a one on one date.

Kasey says James better watch out, he better not shout, he better not pout…no, Santa Claus isn't coming to town…Drew is going to tattle!  Everyone is notified that Drew did so and are wondering what will happen next.

NORM!!! No, DES!!! They greet her Cheers style and Brooks says something about her working out in lingerie.  But….shhhhh…..

Des decided she is going to give James the benefit of the doubt and they all go off running, literally.  

They play soccer together, which is easy for Juan Pablo because he used to play professionally. The guys are all teasing him in the talking heads.

It turns out they are playing against a professional girls team. Apparently, James is a wet blanket and Des can sense he is an outcast of the group.

I kind of tune out the rest of the game and then it is time for the after party. The guys all want to address the James issue.

Des takes Chris to her room. She actually says she wants him to see her room. It is like a teenage moment….I half expect someone to pop out and tell her to keep the door open.

She actually reads him a poem she wrote for him. They make out.

The time has come for the guys to confront James about the Bachelor comment. He denies it but the guys say he is a liar, liar pants on fire! James and Michael nearly come to blows and he says it is hearsay since he wasn't even there.  

Everyone is yelling and screaming and reminding him about the conversation with Mikey. They add that he sounds like he is auditioning for the Jersey Shore.

James says it was all Mikey, but again, he is a liar. He says that everything was taken out of context and worse comes to worse and the top four is usually considered for The Bachelor.

Des is notified about everything that went down during the James/Mikey conversation by Kasey. She is livid and confronts James.  

No rose is given out tonight…..which makes the guys mad because it is all James's fault.


Des confronts James and he gives his side of the story. He says Mikey is the one who said all of this, and he said that he pretty much said if worse came to worse, Mikey would marry her and he would be the Bachelor. He thinks the guys are threatened by him and apologizes for all the drama.

He is angry that she thinks he is here because he wants to be the Bachelor and if she feels that way, he will leave. She know this is tough and begins to cry. They sit together and cry. He says he wants to be there and work things out, but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen.

They share some memories of the date and he apologizes to her again.  

Both of them sit by themselves for a bit, crying and thinking. When she comes back, she says they should sleep on it and make a decision the next day. They put their arms around each other and then say goodnight.

James is angry  and says that he feels pushed out. He is in tears….either he is a really good actor or he is telling the truth.

Back at the house, the guys are gossiping about James, who walks in and says goodnight.

The next morning, James is sitting by himself and the guys are still talking. They wish Zak luck on is date as he goes off to meet Des. I don't remember him getting a card? Anyway, they talk about her sketching and go take a class. It actually sounds like a really cool date. They draw pictures of each other and….Picasso, he isn't.

They do a sketch of a naked guy, which is awkward for everyone.

Over dinner, they talk about their lives. Both of them want to explore new things and like to move around and be adventurous. They kiss and he tells her he is crazy about her. He gets a rose and then they make out in a cave.


At the house, James and Drew talk. Drew says the whole debacle was inappropriate and never should have been done. James tries to defend himself, but they get into a huge fight. James basically says the worst thing that could happen is Des doesn't choose him and he is considered for the Bachelor. He says this is not reality and if they aren't chosen, they will all have to go back to a normal life.

The next day, Des takes James aside to talk. She plans to send him home and realizes that she believes the guys over him. He tries to defend himself once again and she is more confused than ever. She is in tears over the whole situation and he apologizes again that she has to go through this. They cuddle and she decides she needs more time to think.

James comes back into the house and says all he meant was someone will marry Des, someone will be the Bachelor and others will move on and date again. This just makes things worse and for the 14,434,323 time tonight we hear the same freaking argument. I give up and heat up my leftover macaroni and cheese and pour myself more wine.

Rose ceremony time. Zak and Drew already have roses. Chris, Brooks and Michael all get roses.

James, Kasey and Juan Pablo are all sent home. Can we make Juan Pablo for the next Bachelor? We hardly got to know him and he just seems so sweet and cute.

Juan Pablo says that's life and that he still has his daughter. He just wanted a wife to expand his family with. He is in tears.

James once again tries to defend himself. He thinks the guys are threatened by him.

Not sure if Kasey said anything. #imofftheshow? #imissedusinghashtags? #desismissingout?

Join us next week for adventures off the coast of Portugal on The Bachelorette. Goodnight.

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