Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight, our final three guys--Chris, Nick and Josh--will be whisked away to the Dominican Republic by our lovely Bachelorette Andi Dorfman for the Fantasy Suite  Overnight Dates and special one on one time with no cameras. (Read: Sexy times in a hotel room with strategically placed rose petals, candles and maybe a pool or a hot tub.) At the end of the night, one of them will be sent home. Who will it be? We are about to find out!
Before we get to the dates, we get a look at her journeys with each of the guys. All I got from it is that she likes and has feelings for all three guys, but there is something about each one that leaves her feeling confused.

Onto the dates. The music reminds me of a weird Unsolved Mysteries remix.It is not sexy or romantic at all.

Date One: Nick
They make out, both in and out of the water and seem to be wearing his and hers bathing suits. She also grills him on his past relationships and why he and previous girlfriends broke up. REALLY? For all future guys I choose to date, I promise to never ask questions like this….fantasy date or no. Basically, he was stubborn and…who the heck cares? He goes on to talk about talking to his mom about her and how insecure he is about telling her he loves her. He seems nervous, which is kind of endearing and cute.

 {sidebar id=8}They do some snorkeling and then enjoy a romantic dinner. He still has not told her he loves her. He just could not do it---and to be fair, it is a very difficult thing to do. He wrote her a fairy tale story which is actually kind of sweet….it is illustrated and everything. It is corny, but really sweet. I would really fall for a guy who would do this for me. The part that gets me is him being in France and falling under an evil spell that makes him act like a big baby. I love this! He also says that he loves her at the end of the story and says she has a decision about whether or not to go into the Magical Fantasy Suite.

Oh, and he tells her everything he loves about her and then says out loud that he loves her. They head to the Fantasy Suite. We don't see much, but it is not very romantic looking. In fact, the hotel room Blanche used to seduce her sweet, gentleman boyfriend  on The Golden Girls is MUCH more romantic than this. Does anyone else remember that episode? He wasn't sure how to treat women since he only dated his wife so she tried to seduce him and it ended in disaster? Anyway, we see nothing but them kissing.

Date Two: Josh
This date consists of them exploring the city, learning cultural dances, trying new foods and just enjoying each other's company. They also watch a local team play baseball.  Andi decides they should join them…and it is actually really cute to see them just have fun without any pressure.

Josh never felt like this before and says he waited twenty-nine years to feel this way. They spend the rest of the afternoon talking about how his family liked her, kissing and him telling her he loves her.
At dinner, they talk about the journey and how he was worried about being sent home the first night. He says he can understand if she would have had some sort of preconceived notion about him at the beginning.

The conversation moves on to how they would be as parents, their own parents and how he wants to marry the next one he says 'I love you' to. This leads to more kissing and her suddenly questioning why he is so happy all the time. She then goes on to say he makes her feel so young, he makes her feel like spring has sprung and every time she sees him friend….okay, enough singing. She likes his maturity and that he declared his love….so off to the Fantasy Suite they go! He can't lie, it is an easy decision to say yes. (They should really call these the I Wanna Get Laid For The First Time In Forever Cards/Dates. It seems like most of the time all the person being asked cares about.)

There are fireworks and they go into a boring looking room with candles. He loves her and wants to spend time with her. She is also the most amazing woman he has ever been with.

The date ends with them making out in the pool or hot tub. Yawn.

Date Three: Chris
He is falling in love with her more and more every day and hope it continues.

They decide to go horseback riding which is kind of comical to watch. He thinks she looks hot on a horse, she is lost in the scenery. I think we all know where this is going.

Afterward, they toast to their hometown date and the journey thus far. She talks about how much she loves his family and how she thinks they are the best family she has ever met.
Are they playing hide and seek? Good grief, if that is romantic….but then, I've always hated that game as a child. He carries her away once they find each other.

At dinner, they talk about their relationship and where they think it is going, especially since she is going to have to make a lot of changes if she moves to Iowa. This leads to them disagreeing on their futures and how they might not have the strong foundation they thought they initially had.

She decides it isn't fair to keep him here when they know their lives are so different.

She says it isn't there and that her head and heart don't match up. In the end, she decides to just send him home. He agrees that if it isn't right he wants to leave. They are both in tears as they say goodbye.
He says he is heartbroken and isn't sure what to do.

After a pep talk with Chris Harrison, we get to the rose ceremony. She tells the other guys it wasn't there with Chris and she sent him home before the Fantasy Suite. (REALLY? Was this really necessary? Just say it didn't work out and leave it at that.) We still have a rose ceremony because she wants them to have a say in this process and we still have about five minutes of air time. They both accept the roses and they will both meet her family in two weeks.

Join us next week for The Men Tell All. Goodnight.

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