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bachelorette june24LeadThe Bachelorette
Recap For June 24, 2013

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight, we continue to follow Desiree's journey to Munich, were two of our men will face the dreaded two  on one date.  There will also be a one on one date and a group date.

The guys settle in and Chris gets the first date card with the clue (in German) that says In Munich, we can fall in love with each other.

The date has them exploring and taking in the city together. It is similar to the date she had in AC last week, but with more chemistry.

While they are on their date. Bryden decides to go home because although he finds her amazing, he doesn't have THOSE feelings for her. He decides to look for her and ends up crashing their date. The two of them talk while Chris sits aside, wondering what is going on. He says if he hurts Des, he will not be happy.

Bryden thinks he has made the right decision and Des is left questioning whether or not the other guys feel the same way Bryden does. However, she wants to go back to Chris and enjoy the rest of their date.

{sidebar id=8}She says she is not upset Bryden left, but that it took him until now to realize how he felt.  Chris assures her that he is in it for the right reasons and they kiss. Right after she says she was heartbroken by Bryden. ::headdesk::

Over dinner, they talk about how he is a relationship person and the fact that his last girlfriend wasn't is the reason why they are no longer together.  He reads her some poetry, they kiss some more and he gets a rose.

The night ends with a Matt White concert and them dancing together. He says he is falling in love and thinks the feeling is mutual. 

The group date is for Brooks, Drew, Juan Pablo, Kasey, Zak, James, and Mikey. The clue is Will you climb the highest mountain with me. This means Michael and Ben are on the two on one.


First we have the group date. They take a tour of the mountains and….is someone yodeling? They meet a gentleman who teaches them how to yodel.

After playing in the snow, she tells them to be honest with her…..if they are not into her they can leave. She spends time with each of them. Mikey is talking to her when Zak interrupts with his yodeling. I wish I could say I was joking. He wants to tell her he wanted to become a priest and when he was on the mountain came to a revelation that it wasn't meant to be.

The guys all decide they hate James and his cockiness. For the love of Grandma Mildred….this drama is so ridiculous.

Brooks gets a rose, which makes the other guys mad. I really don't think these guys have a grasp on how the show works.

Michael threatens to murder Ben? Really?  The clue: Let's heat things up! Two guys, one rose, one stays one goes.

The guys hate each other and Des can sense the tension. She has a surprise that she hopes breaks the tension. She tells them they were going to jump in the water but then puts then in a hot tub boat.

Michael says Ben is like a politician in terms of how he is with Des. There is a lot of tension on this date, especially because Michael thinks Ben is an absentee father. ::headdesk::

{sidebar id=8}Des is very uncomfortable because of the tension. Ben says something about being a good Christian.

The tension continues during dinner. This drama and fighting is ridiculous. If I were Des, I would have sent them both home.

Ben takes a breather and the trash talk about him begins. Des is conflicted about what to do. She considers sending them both home and talks to each man privately. In the end, she keeps Michael and send Ben home. He. is. PISSED. (Understatement alert.) Michael looks like he is going to break into evil laughter and says justice has been served. Des apologizes to Ben as they say goodbye.

Wait…..did he say he was going to go get drunk? WOW.

At the house, the guys are talking about Ben's ulterior motives and how James supposedly thinks that if he wins they would go to Chicago and run the town and if not, he will become the next Bachelor. Apparently, Mikey was in on this too. Also, someone stole Brooks's hair gel and for a good time call Drew.  This gossip is seriously ridiculous.

They cheer when Ben's luggage is taken away.

After Des and Chris talk, she decides to cancel the cocktail party. We instead go to the rose ceremony. The guys are NOT happy because they could not tattle on James. Geez.

She trusts them and is falling in love….and so it begins…..rose ceremony five.

Brooks, Michael and Chris already have roses. Bryden and Ben are gone. Zak, Kasey, Juan Pablo (was he even in this episode? I barely remember him.) Drew and James all get roses. Mikey is sent home and says Des really missed out on a great guy. The other guys are all WTF and call James a cancer, a materialistic self serving piece of…well you get the point.

Join us next week for the next Bachelorette on ABC. Goodnight.


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