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bachelorette june17 leadThe Bachelorette
Recap For June 17, 2013

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight will be more dates, a Mr. America contest and more drama with Ben.

The show opens with Chris Harrison saying there are thirteen men left, in case they could not count themselves. He also says that they will be going to Atlantic City for the first stop on the Bachelorette World Tour. He also reminds us of the rules of the dates: if there is no rose on a one on one, the guy is sent home and there will be a rose given out on the group date.

The first date is for Brad with the clue Let The Love Shine Through. They go around Atlantic City, taste chocolate and candy, ride a carousel, and just simply enjoy each others company. The guys at the hotel are jealous, especially Zak W, who isn't sure if Brad is the right guy for her.

After the tour of Atlantic City, they talk about life and Brad's son. She is impressed with how he takes responsibility for his son and his personality, but isn't quite sure if he is husband material. She also worries because they don't have much to talk about. It is more awkward than my worst date ever--where the guy basically spent the entire time telling me what a crappy person I was and needed to follow his way of life. Yeah, it was a barrel of laughs, especially on a first date where I paid! Anyway, I digress.  

Desiree tells him he won't be getting a rose, but that she knows he will find someone special. She feels bad about letting him go, but says the spark wasn't there. He hopes she finds what she is looking for.

The guys see the suitcase disappear and surprisingly feel bad for Brad. My heart kind of breaks for him too.

The second date card has the clue I'm Looking For My Mr. Right. Brooks, Bryden, Zach K, Kasey, Drew, Juan Pablo, Zak W, Mikey,  Ben, Michael and Chris are all on this date, which leaves James with the one on one.

Chris and Miss America are waiting for them at Boardwalk Hall. They will be competing in their own Mr. America contest. Christopher Dean will be coaching them. He is actually a friend of my friend Liz. Oh, and it will be in front of a live studio audience.

Watching them rehearse is hilarious and no, it isn't because I have wine. (a nice rose, just for the occasion.) I am actually enjoying seeing them have fun and try to find a fun talent to impress Desiree.

The competition is like any other Miss America contest, the question portion, the swimsuit competition and talent section. It is a mix of Magic Mike, a high school talent show and an interrogation. (at least that is what I think these question things are like.)

Second runner up: Brooks
First runner up: Zak W.
Winner: Kasey. He gets flowers, a crown and a sash.


Afterward, there is a party where the guys complain about Ben and take turns talking to and making out with Des.  Lather, rinse, repeat. Zak W gets the rose.

James's clue is Can Our Love Weather The Storm?

The date consists of them touring where Hurricane Sandy hit.  My heart breaks looking at all the damage. They also meet a couple who lost everything, which makes me cry even more. Des and James decide to do something special for them and send them to Atlantic City for a special date they were supposed to have. They missed their anniversary so Des and James wanted to make sure they had something special to make them happy.

Des and James do a different date and spend time getting to know each other. They talk about the past, but the thing that I care most about is the fact that the couple got their wedding album back and fixed up. I am a blubbering mess right now. They meet up with Des and James again to share their memories and get their own private concert by Darius Rucker. James gets a rose.

The cocktail party is more making out, more one on one time and Bryden questioning if he belongs with Des.

Rose ceremony time. James and Zak W already have roses. Chris, Brooks,  Juan Pablo, Drew, Michael, Ben, Kasey, Bryden and Mikey all get roses.

Zach K is sent home and doesn't understand why he was rejected.

Join us next week for more travel adventures. Goodnight!

The Bachelorette Rose Ceremony

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