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bachelorette 135The Bachelorette
Recap For June 3, 2013

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight is the second episode and the start of the dates. To refresh you on the rules: one rose is up for grabs on the group date, no rose given on a one on one means hasta la vista, baby! Same as every season.

bachelorette june3 leadBrooks is given the first date with the clue Give Me A Sign. (Wouldn't that clue be more appropriate for the dude who invented the spinning sign?) The guys are jealous as he is whisked away in Des's Bentley. Ben hopes Brooks is sent home. (For what it's worth, don't these guys realize how the show works? Someone will always get a one on one…most guys will get a date at some point, so relax!)

The date consists of them playing dress up and eventually end up being a bride and groom. It is quite similar to Ashley Hebert's date with William, minus the Vegas fake wedding. There are red velvet cupcakes though, which makes me want to go out and get one.

Next stop is visiting the Hollywood sign, screaming from the top of it and them talking about how wonderful the experience is (in the voiceovers) and their lives and show. (to each other) There is also cuddling, enjoying the view and him giving her his jacket….oh, and kissing, a lot of kissing.

Next up is them going to a shady area that makes them nervous. She even moves signs for a closed road….honey, this is a very bad idea. Turns out there is a dinner waiting for them….because, you know, this will totally happen in real life. To quote Kasey the hashtag dude #sarcasm.

Cue the obligatory relationship talk and how their lives shaped them into who they are today.  He gets a rose….and a kiss.

The night ends with an Andy Grammer concert and them dancing together.

Group date time: Dan, Juan Pablo, Zak K, Will, Robert,  Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zach W,  Nick, Michael, Brandon and Ben are on this date. The clue is Who Is Here For The Right Reasons. They will be in a rap video with Soluja Boy…..appropriately titled For The Right Reasons.  They make up raps and try to dance…..the SYTYCD judges will not be impressed. The raps are pretty cute, especially since they make references to previous seasons.

The video itself is….special. I actually am speechless……It is fun, something I can probably see myself doing with my friends and coworkers….just not on TV.

bachelorette Jun3 550wide
After the video filming, it is time for the after party. Zak W. gives her a book that shows a deeper side of him.

Ben talks about his son Brody and they kiss. The other men wonder if he is there for the right reasons. He is actually confronted about this and things seem to smooth over…for now.

Des talks to the other guys and in the end decides to give Ben the rose. Scratch that, problem NOT solved....the other guys are NOT happy about this. 

Bryden is given the clue Road Trip for the second one on one date. He is excited and can't wait to see what happens.


As they drive, they chat, get snacks and enjoy different spots around the state. It is actually quite fun and realistic.

During dinner, they talk about themselves, their lives and a car accident he was in that almost cost him his life. He talks about how his mom took care of him and how he was able to still live his dream of going into the military. Again, Bryden, thank you for your service to our country.  After more chatting, Des gives him a rose.

At the cocktail party, Michael is talking about his diabetes diagnosis when Ben interrupts them. He is unhappy about this, as are the other guys, especially since he already has a rose.  He basically becomes the Tierra of the house and is attacked by the guys over his behavior.

Des talks to the other guys and pretty soon it is time for the rose ceremony. Bryden, Brooks and Ben all have roses.

The guys who get roses are:
James (I barely remember him this episode)
Kasey (#gladhestoppedhashtaggingeverything)
Juan Pablo (she asked him if he would accept the rose in Spanish. Cute.)
Zak W. (no abs tonight!)
Drew (is it me, or does it seem like half these guys didn't get much airtime tonight?)

And with one rose left…..Brandon (aka Leader of the Pack dude)

Will hugs her and wishes her luck. He was ready and excited for a relationship but says it didn't work out. He thinks she is great despite being friend zoned.

Robert the sign spinning dude says it didn't work out and it is a nightmare.

Nick M. is heartbroken and hurt.

Join us next week for the dramatic girlfriend reveal! Goodnight!

We also get to see the full rap video. I will be singing this in my sleep tonight. Joy.

The Bachelorette Cocktail Party and Rose Cerimony

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