Friday April 28, 2017

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Hello and welcome to part two of The Bachelorette two night event on ABC. Basically, Chad and Evan are practicing for The Jerry Springer show, while the other guys instigate the drama. We have security, tattle tales and all of America wondering what Chad will do next. 

When we last left our heroes, Chris Harrison gave Chad a talking to, so he goes back in the house to give an apology. Evan does not accept and says he owes him a new shirt and an apology from when he grabbed him. Chad claims he pushed him and it gets into another fight. Chad leaves and says he is giving them safe so they can realize he is not that bad of a guys. 

JoJo arrives and it is time for a pool party. This leads to Evan getting hurt and them all blaming Chad. JoJo is concerned, but then goes to make out with Jordan. 

She then spends time with Chad, who smooth talks her into letting her know things are ok, when Evan interrupts them. Chad compares it to middle school….while the other guys try and make it seem he is evil. Derek even moved bedrooms to get away from him. There is also a lot of kissing. 

Chad calls Evan and Derek the guys playing the biggest wussy cards. Derek and Chad get into a fight about what Derek told JoJo about Chad and it sounds like a bunch of high school guys.

Rose ceremony: Grant, Derek, Jordan, Luke, Robby, Wells, James F, Vinny, Daniel, Alex and Chad all get roses. 

Christian, Ali and Nick aka Santa are eliminated. Does that mean she is getting coal in her stocking? 

Now they are packing up and going to a new location for more adventures. First up, they are in a resort in PA. 

Date card: Luke—I like you very MUSH is the clue. All righty then. 

Hot tubs, outdoor adventures and making out. His talk about appreciating life and losing a friend in Afghanistan breaks my heart. I cannot thank him enough for his service. He gets a rose. 

Date 2: Derek, James T, Daniel, Chase, Wells, Vinny, James F, Evan, Grant, Jordan and Robby get the clue ‘we could go all the way.’ 

This is a football date. During the game, James Taylor gets hurt and needs stitches, but he refuses, saying he is there to fight for his girl. As usual, they are divided into teams and the winners get more time with JoJo. 

She spends time with all of them and ends up giving the rose to Jordan. 

Date 3: Alex and Chad get the 2-1 date. Their clue is let’s get lost. The two get into a fight and it is a bunch of screaming and name calling….and the other guys get involved. Chad actually has the sense to walk away, but this makes the other guys think he is a coward. Actually, aren’t we told to walk away from fights? Whatever, I don’t care.

Chad then comes back and threatens to find the guys and go to their houses and I can’t stop laughing. I don’t know what is funnier, this or the guys reactions. 

The date consists of hiking and JoJo talking to the guys to get their sides of the drama in the house. She is shocked about the things Alex tells her about Chad and she confronts him about it. They end up getting into an argument and she says she needs to think about this before she makes any decisions. She thinks he may be struggling because he just lost his mom, but she isn’t quite sure. 

Are Chad and Alex seriously fighting over MILK? 

JoJo sits down with both guys and decides to finally get rid of Chad. The suitcase collection dude comes and takes away his suitcase, leading to a huge party in the house and a Chad meltdown in the woods. 

The guys are doing CHADLESS SHOTS. WOW. 

We have to find out in TWO WEEKS to find out what happens!

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