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Recap For July 15, 2013

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight, our final four men will take Desiree to Meet The Parents on the long anticipated hometown dates. Will the families impress her or send her running for the hills? We are about to find out.

DATE 1: Zak
Desiree meets Zak in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Before he takes her to his house, he tells her about the dream he had about them on the beach together… it began snowing, they made snow cones…I am about as lost as she is.  He takes her to a snow cone truck, saying that there is a possibility one day that she will be a part of the family business. They serve people snow cones and see some random penguin running toward them.

Once that is done, he takes her to his house to meet the family. They talk about shirtless limo exit, which his family finds weird and hilarious.

{sidebar id=8}During dinner, they laugh and then Des spends time with his mom and sister. Both ladies seem to like her, but his sister is afraid he is going to get hurt.

Zak also shares his feelings with his mom, which is very sweet.

After a sing along, he declares his love for her, they kiss and he says this is the moment it all happened.

DATE 2: Drew
Desiree then goes to Scottsdale, Arizona to meet Drew's family. He talks a bit about his family and then takes her to meet his sister Melissa, who is in a special home. It is a very touching and heartwarming moment.

They go to Drew's family's house, when he talks about how he fell for her right away. She talks to his dad about Melissa and how she feels about Drew.

Drew's dad says he will throw a party if they get engaged. This is one of the cutest moments because he can tell how much he loves Des.

Drew decides this is the moment to tell Des he loves her and then they make out.

DATE 3: Chris
We are now in McMinnville, Oregon for Chris's hometown date. He shows her where he played baseball with his dad as a child and then they play a game together. He tells her about his family and then they go to his family's house. She seems very worried that they aren't going to like her.


Once they arrive, she meets the parents, siblings and in laws. Chris's dad gives a toast his mother uses, which I love: Here's to the ones that I love, here's to the ones that love, here's to the ones who love those who I love and here's to the ones who love those who love me. It is sweet and Des recognizes it as an Irish blessing.

While they eat, they talk about the show experience and then Des gets a chiropractor treatment from Chris's dad. Awkward.

Des has a heart to heart with Chris's mom while he talks to his dad. It seems as if his parents are wary of the situation because he has been hurt in the past. However, they seem to like her and he is falling even more in love with her.

Cue the long kiss goodbye.

Is it me, or do the dates seem….odd this time around?  I feel like we aren't seeing anything of substance, just little snippets and none of the fun stuff from past seasons.

Date 4: Brooks
We are now in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is in love, but he isn't sure how he feels. He thinks today will help determine how he feels.

{sidebar id=8}After they spend time together playing in the water and enjoying the outdoors, they go to see his family. There are lots of hugs and kisses, and his mother can see the love between them.

We get more heart to hearts, sharing of feelings and then it is time to say goodbye. To me, it was sweet, but nothing really stood out to me.

After the date, Des meets with her brother Nate from last season. He wants to know all about the guys and meet them. She isn't ready for that due to the Sean debacle. He asks her if the one she is ready to spend her life with is here and she says yes. He says if this is true, then he has no problem with it….he honestly seems like he is trying to be protective of her and doesn't want to see her hurt. She considers letting him meet the guys someday. He says he supports her 100% but doesn't want to see her get hurt. He adds if it is meant to be it will work out.


Des has a pep talk with Chris and then he goes to greet the guys for the rose ceremony.

She tells them what this week meant to her and tearfully says making this decision was very hard for her.

Brooks, Chris and with the final rose tonight (because Chris Harrison thinks we can't count down from three….) Drew all get roses, sending Zak home.

Zak and Des walk out together, while the other guys see how hard this is for her due to how emotional she got.

Des tells Zak she had to weigh the relationships and says she thinks they are in different places. She tells him how wonderful he is and wonders what she should do with the ring he gave her. (I must have missed this?) She decides to give it back and hugs him goodbye.

In the limo, he talks about how hurt he is and how he is in a dark place trying to find love.

Join us next week for the Men Tell All on The Bachelorette on ABC. Goodnight.


The Bachelorette Rose Ceremony

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