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bachelorette july8 leadThe Bachelorette
Recap For July 8, 2013

Hello and welcome to The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight our final five men will join Desiree in Madeira Island, Portugal for love, romance and roses.
The show opens with everyone heading to the island, talking about what they hope happens on this leg of the journey. Joining Des is Jackie, Catherine and Lesley, who were all on Sean's season with her. They enjoy cocktails and girl talk, which includes Catherine swooning over Sean and the final five guys. They spy on the guys and want Brooks to take his shirt off. The girls also play twenty questions about who has the best body, nicest eyes, etc. I tune it out because there is too much giggling and annoying behavior. In short, I don't care.

The first one on one date goes to Brooks. I miss the date card, but not sure if there even was one? She picks him up in a car that is not the OMG Bentley she got on the first episode and they go on a long drive together, both of them sharing their feelings for each other to the audience. They spend time together by the water, enjoying nature and each other's company.  They talk about what they want, drink wine and kiss. They are falling in love, but can't share their feelings with each other, just the audience.

Over dinner, they drink more wine and continue their conversation and talk about Brooks's family situation and life in general.

The date ends with them kissing in the moonlight with fireworks going off.

The second one on one goes to Chris. Let's sea if we can find love here is the clue. They, predictably, go on a boat ride. On the boat, they lay out and make out before enjoying a wine picnic and family/life talk. There is also poetry that they put in a wine bottle and send it into the ocean.

Dinner consists of them drinking more wine, more poetry, family and life talk and him declaring his love for her. The poem makes her tear up and they kiss some more.

Michael gets the  third one on one. they go exploring and shop. I love the ride thing they go on, they seem to really just have fun together.

Over dinner, they talk about his family life and his relationship with his father. Apparently, they had a falling out at one point, but he doesn't hold anything against him anymore. Des likes how positive he is.

He also talks about how his last relationship ended and how his last girlfriend cheated and broke his heart.

The date ends with them listening to music together.

The final date card of the night is for Zak and Drew. I am looking for a man who makes my heart race is the clue.

The date consists of… guessed it…racing. I am having flashbacks to that NASCAR race from Brad 2.0's season….even though it isn't a NASCAR race. Des cheers them both on.

{sidebar id=8}Zak wins the race, which upsets Drew. He hopes there is still a chance he gets a rose.

The three of them hang out drinking wine and Des says it is like hanging out with two guy friends.

She spends time with both guys….share life stories, drink wine, kiss, lather rinse repeat….it is the same thing over and over again.

Drew gets the rose, thus ending the most boring set of dates ever.

When all the dates are over, everyone (except Drew) packs and wonders if they are going to be sent home.

Des has a pep talk with Chris about her week and her feelings about the men. She says Brooks never said he loved her, but knows he has strong feelings for her….it seems like she already made her decision…but maybe not because she is falling in love with multiple men. I still don't get what the OMG confession was because this is the same thing we hear every season.

Rose ceremony time. Drew already has a rose.  Brooks, Chris and Zak all get roses, which means Michael is sent home.

Des walks him out and they talk for a bit. He is heartbroken and thought he could make her happy. He was hoping she would meet his family and says no girl is going to match up to her. He hugs her and wishes her luck.

in the limo, he says his heart feels like it exploded in his chest.  He calls his mom to deliver the bad news.

Join us next week for the hometown dates on The Bachelorette. Goodnight.

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