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Winter Finale

Olivia is in shock after her father single handedly ruined her entire plan to take him down. She goes with Jake and Fitz to see her mother who has been held without charge at the Pentagon. Her mother rambles on about how Olivia needs to take Jake and Fitz down and ‘handle’ them because she hasn’t been charged or told why she’s being held. Olivia enlightens her then tells Fitz to charge her and lock her up. She then tells him to find her father and kill him.

Huck shows up at Javi’s doorstep looking for him to explain what he saw the night Huck killed Cubiack. Javi’s mother is concerned for her son’s well-being and refuses to let Huck talk to him. She yells and asks what he’s done to Javi. Has he lied to him about his secret spy stuff and scared him?

President Grant and Cyrus discuss the ramifications both of going to war and avoiding it after a terrorist attack was made on American soil. Grant doesn’t want to go to war but knows that since the United States was attacked they must retaliate. He tells Cyrus to think of a plan.

Quinn calls Olivia to tell her about Huck killing Cubiack and the love affair between Elizabeth and the Vice President and how all three of them were having a meeting the night Huck killed Cubiack. Quinn doesn’t get a chance to finish her story because Elizabeth walks into Olivia’s office then claiming attention. He tells her that she knows Olivia lied to her about the virus on her phone. Olivia tells her that her life with Cubiack and the Vice President is pretty exciting but Elizabeth matches that it’s not nearly as exciting as Cyrus’s.

The pictures of Cyrus and Michael are released to the press and Olivia tells Fitz about Elizabeth sleeping with the Vice President. She asks if they are going to fight against the pictures released and Fitz tells her that indeed they are. She explains that to sell this Michael and Cyrus are going to have to get married. She knows that America will forgive the entire indiscression if they can twist it into a love story. Michael agrees. Cyrus says that he can’t do that to James, because marriage means something to him.

Jake discovers that he’s being followed and kills his attacker before the attacker has a chance to kill him. He finds a kill card with his name and face on it. This is a sign that everyone ever associated with B613 is a loose end and will be taken care of. Jake decides that since command is coming after him he needs to go straight after command.

Quinn finds Charley to tell him that B613 is taking out agents one by one. He tells her that it’s life affirming and questions if it makes her want to affirm life. They sleep together. When Quinn gets back to the office her and Huck discuss that Elizabeth, Cubiack and the V.P. were all together the night Kaitlyn was murdered. Quinn uses a finger off of a dead man to enter the law firm to gather clues. She finds a client list and the name Waco.

Jake tells Olivia that she needs a gun because although she thinks her father would never kill her she probably thinks the same about her and they that is exactly their goal. He gives her a refresher course in gun handling and steps back. He tells her that if she just says the word they can close Pandora’s Box and go back to the sun, escaping everything. She explains that the sun went down a long time ago and that she doesn’t think it’s coming back up.

Elizabeth goes to the V.P.'s office in the white house and after discussing the possibility of going to war with West Angola they make out.

The news urges Cyrus to resign because of his indiscression with a prostitute. He decides that it’s the best course of action and hands his resignation to Grant. He tells the President to build himself up by knocking Cyrus down. He realizes that the only way he can help is by leaving. The President doesn’t want to accept the resignation but eventually goes.

As the Attorney General, David has to look into Cyrus’s case and while doing so he talks to Abby (on the record) and finds out that she’s been seeing someone else. Leo Burton.

Quinn discovers, while in Charley’s bed, that he is still working for B613 and that he has Quinn’s kill card. They fight verbally and physically. She accuses him of only wanting to sleep with her one last time before he killed her.

Huck tells Jake that he’s found command at a safe house and Jake goes there to find and kill him. Command is actually at Olivia’s house though. He pulls a gun on her when she refuses to sit and speak to him so she sits. He accuses her of wanting him dead and says that she won’t be happy until he is. She retaliates that he can’t escape and start over because the only life he has is the sick dark lonely one he has there pulling puppet strings. He tells her that they are the same and that when she looks at him she is looking in the mirror. While they fight she grabs the gun from the table where he set it down and aims it at him. He tells her to watch herself and she takes her shot. He screams but the chamber was empty. He yells “Are you kidding me?! You just shot your own father. Never in a million years did I think you could pull the trigger.”

Charley and Quinn talk more about how they have hurt each other in the past. Quinn accuses him of ruining everything because he ruined Huck’s whole life. He says that he might be able to fix it. He tells her that he has B613 files. He took them from Jake’s storage unit on assignment from command. He asks if she thinks they’d help.

Olivia visits her mother to find out where her father might have gone. Her mother’s only response is, “Girl you need to move on. All you two do is talk about each other. You are just like him. He ruined you.”

Olivia then goes to talk to Cyrus because she heard he resigned. He is a shell of a man and she doesn’t recognize him at all. She gives him the angriest and meanest pep talk of the show and tells him to grow up and show her who he is. The more she pushes him the angrier he becomes and the more of the ‘real’ Cyrus we begin to see. He comes back announcing that he is one of the most powerful men in the world.

He agrees to Olivia’s original plan to marry Michael and goes on television to announce it. President Grant is thrilled to have Cyrus back in office and tells him that he’ll pour him a scotch if Cyrus will tell him what to do about West Angola. They decide not to go to war.


Elizabeth is infuriated that the President has decided not to go to war and seeks out Millie to talk to her about it. Millie tells her that they aren’t friends. She makes it clear that she knows they are both sleeping with Andrew (the V.P.) and that Elizabeth should choose her sides wisely. She claims that when it comes to screwing someone she’s not nearly as gentle as Andrew and that Elizabeth will get hurt.

Huck returns to Javi’s house one last time. He drops off B613 files and asks his ex to read them. He explains that they will reveal why he is the way that he is. It’s the last thing he’ll ever ask her to do if she agrees to read them.

Quinn discovers that Waco is a subsidiary of West Angola. She reviews footage of the explosion against the Vice President with Huck to show him that Andrew knew that the explosion was going to happen and was getting out of harm’s way.

 Jake meets Olivia at her house. She is happy. He starts to tell her about how he found command but then lost him again but she stops him, claiming that she doesn’t want to talk about her father. She puts the record on that her father used to play for her when she was a young girl and starts to dance. Jake continues to try to bring up the topic of command but Olivia tells him to ‘shut up, let it go, and dance’. They dance together before Jake steps back and admits that he loves her. She tells him that she wants Vermont with Fitz but that she also wants the sun with him. She’s decided not to choose between them because she’s decided to choose herself. She invites him to come back and dance with her or get off her dance floor because she’s fine dancing alone. He moves in and kisses her. She suggests sex on top of the piano and he rushes off to the bedroom to grab sheets and a pillow. When he gets back to the living room he finds her wine glass spilled, her gone, and the door wide open.

Andrew is talking to the President about how he thought the life threatening bomb directed at the V.P. would warrant a declaration of war but that since it hasn’t he’s decided to change tactics. He asks Grant what the one thing in the world is that he would do anything in the world to get back. Grant asks him what he did with her (knowing that he’s taken Olivia). Andrews only cryptic response though is “How are you liking that war now sir?”

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