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In a secure location under the Pentagon, Jake, Olivia and Fitz meet to discuss their future plans for B-613 now that Jake has been proven innocent. Jake wants to kill command but he needs Olivia’s permission before he can and she refuses to give it to him. She reminds him that they stand in the sun and that means they don’t kill people, but that justice does need to be served. Jake argues that exposing B-613 wouldn’t be justice but suicide.

He ultimately agrees to locking command away as opposed to killing him and mentioned that he has confiscated B-613 files sitting in a storage unit waiting to be used against command in court. Fitz and Olivia leave but Jake must stay because if command knew that he was out of jail all of their lives would be in danger and the mission would already be dead.

Elizabeth asks Olivia to take her on as a client because her phone is either bugged or being remotely accessed by someone and she needs to know who. She doesn’t have friends and she’s got more enemies than she can count that would want to get her out of the White House.

As the Vice President is walking out to his car after a conference at the Taft Hotel he stops to thank the staff that had to wait outside while he spoke. While he is shaking hands the car he was supposed to be in explodes.

Command calls Olivia to make sure that she is okay because he’s heard about the bombs and since she didn’t make it to their weekly dinner he thought she might be hurt or in trouble. He assures her that even when they are fighting they will forgive and forget because they are family and that’s what family does. He tells her that he will always be there for her, no matter what.

Millie goes to speak with the Vice President and make sure she’s okay after the car bombing. He’s fine and thanks her for checking up on him. The conversation ends when she kisses him, which leads to passionate caresses and tearing of clothes.

David is pulled into the secure location beneath the Pentagon to meet with Fitz, Olivia and Jake about how to go about prosecuting command. They want him to do it quietly so that the media doesn’t catch wind of who B-613 is, what their connection is to the White House, or that Command is Olivia’s father. David reminds them that this is illegal but since he failed to help Jake months earlier with this, he agrees now.

Cyrus is spying on Elizabeth and now Olivia knows. She asks Cyrus about it and wants to know why. He tells her all about Michael and how he is a prostitute sent from Elizabeth to trap him. He just wants to know what she has on him. Olivia agrees to help Cyrus and turn her back on her original client. She finds that Elizabeth has pictures and videos of Cyrus with Michael and tells Cyrus about them. Meanwhile she tells Elizabeth that her phone simply had a virus.

Olivia meets with Jake and tells him that the B-613 files are in an armed unmarked vehicle and on their way to the Pentagon where David will look over them and devise their game plan. Jake says that she could let him rot in the basement or locked up and dance off into the sunset with Fitz and it would make her life easier. She gets angry with him mentioning her name, the sun, and another man in the same sentence, which shows that she still has feelings for him.

Michael shows up at Cyrus’s house and suggests sex but Cyrus tells him that he can’t because Ella is in the house. Michael tries to persuade him but since Cyrus knows he has been double crossed he cannot allow himself to go down that path. The next morning Olivia talks to Michael though because she’s found out that despite his access to everything he gave Elizabeth virtually no information and she wants to know why. As it turns out he actually cares for Cyrus.

Huck discovers that Elizabeth has a secret apartment and sets up surveillance to get dirt on her.

When the plan for how to take down command hits a stalemate between Jake and Fitz, Olivia suggests that they get him out of his fortress and to a neutral area so that they have better control. She knows that if she calls him with a fake problem he will call running. So she sets up the meeting.


Millie and the Vice President meet again, this time to discuss what happened before. He is confused because she hasn’t acknowledged him in months and suddenly she’s all over him. She explains that months ago he hurt her by picking the Vice Presidency over her, so she erased him from her life. When the bomb went off though she woke up. She asks for a second chance and they lock lips and embrace.

Olivia tells Cyrus that Michael gave Elizabeth almost nothing because he cares about him and thinks he’s a good man. Cyrus seems to believe that it’s too late.

Quinn has been following Cobiack and Huck has been watching Elizabeth’s secret apartment and when they run into each other on the stake out they don’t realize that it’s because the people they’ve been watching individually are now meeting.

Olivia meets her father for dinner. He apologizes for not having been a great father to her while she was growing up. He explains that he always wanted her to be the best because that’s what she was in his mind. He tells her that he never put anything before her and that everything that he’s ever done has been because of her. He is who he is because of her. He then tells her that he has to leave now. The men that are outside that she’s waiting on, he explains are dead, because of her. She has forsaken him, her father, her family.

We see dead soldiers and David rifling through boxes and boxes full of blank sheets of papers where the B-613 files should be.

Command reminds Olivia that she knew that they would have held a trial for him and executed him and yet she was willing to let that happen after all he did for her. He promises her that for the first time in her entire life she is officially on her own. If she thought her world was so terrible with command in it he warns her to wait until she sees what it’s like without him. 

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