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More on the Murder

Quinn goes to visit Mr. Winslow to ask him why he lied about being out of town on the night of his daughter’s murder and why there were pictures of Olivia Pope in the file his daughter stole from his office. Mr. Winslow answers that no one can stop what is coming and that he can’t help her just before shooting himself in the head. Quinn goes back to the office and tells Huck about her visit and finally tells him about the pictures of Pope and Associates in the files. Quinn eventually shows the pictures to Olivia and explains that the meeting at his firm that night was about her.

A New Senator for Virginia

After Senator Lewis McDonnell is caught on camera acting with “Lewd Behavior” he resigns his seat as Senator for Virginia. President Grant has a replacement lined up already but it’s Charles Putley, Abby’s abusive ex-husband. Abby keeps her calm when meeting with him in front of the President and others but when she is able to steal a moment to herself she ends up throwing up all over her dress. Without a back-up she is forced to call Olivia Pope for help.

Olivia Pope comes to her rescue and brings her two new dresses to choose from. Abby starts rambling about how wrong it will be if Chip gets the seat but also about how much they need him on the seat to help push bills through. She becomes incoherent just before Olivia asks her what she wants. Abby tells Olivia that Chip’s family is too powerful, and the agenda is too great; that there is nothing Olivia can do about it. Olivia challenges Abby to watch her.

Olivia travels to the office of Susan Rose and offers to run her campaign to become the new Senator for Virginia free of charge. Olivia tells Susan that it would be in her best interest to change her image and freshen up her look. She calls on Huck and Quinn to find dirt on Chip, without involving Abby. After Susan has been polished Olivia begins trying to coach her on how to speak in front of the camera for a television commercial, but quickly realizes that it’s hopeless. She spots Susan’s daughter, Kasey, and decides to use her in the commercial instead. The use of a child helps speak to the common person and causes Susan’s campaign to gain enough ground to concern Cyrus.

The pressure becomes too much for Abby when a fellow colleague begins gloating that they’ve finally found dirt on Susan Rose and that Pope will finally lose and they will finally win. Chip will get the Senator position. Abby confides in him that she’s lucky to be alive after the physical abuse Chip put her through. He leaks the story to the press which causes Chip to drop out of the race and Susan to take the seat. Abby is so happy that she kisses him.

Testing Trusts in D.C.

After a car bomb explodes outside the Embassy of West Angola Cyrus decides to test Mike’s loyalties. He tells Mike that they are sending in the USS Roosevelt as a deterrent and then immediately upon leaving Mike, puts out an order to one of his men to watch to see if Elizabeth says anything about West Angola in the news. He gets news the next day that Elizabeth hasn’t said anything about West Angola in the last 24 hours, which makes him open his trust to Mike more. Unfortunately he realizes, maybe too late that Mike is actually a double agent when he watched an interview with Millie during which she mentions the USS Roosevelt, which she got through a tip from Elizabeth.

Huck Plays with His Son

Huck plays online video games with his son and chats through the game play with him. They agree to meet up after school on Thursday but when Huck goes to the arcade he can’t bring himself to go in. He watches his son wait for him through the window with tears in his eyes. His son is smart though and determined. He uses Huck’s gamer IP address to track him down, tell him he knows he’s his father and asks why he left.

Super Max Security Prison

Olivia calls David for help getting into the super max security prison to talk to Tom. Tom calls her beautiful. She interrupts him by telling him to reveal to her the real person who ordered him to kill the president’s son. He goes on a rant about how beautiful she is and how he can tell why everyone (command, Jake, and the President) all love her so much. He talks about how destroyed the President was after she left and drops a bomb that he actually tried to take his own life after she left.

She threatens him and promises to keep him safe in the same breath when she explains that he is a loose end and that her father doesn’t like loose ends. She tells him that he will try to have him killed but that if he is honest with her she will protect him. He sticks with his story and tells her that the order came from Jake Ballard.

A Message from Command

Olivia gets a visit from her father during which he questions her intentions with Tom and warns her to back off. He insists that she stop disrespecting him and reminds her that when he strikes it is precise and it is for a reason. He threatens her to never choose them over him again, or else, asking if he’s made himself clear. She answers “What’s clear is that you seem to have wasted a lifetime doing all of the wrong things. He warns one more time before leaving “against me you will lose.”

What does hope mean?

President Grant calls Olivia and wants to talk about the possibility of hope between them, which Millie happens to overhear. Olivia refuses to talk about any hope between them before Fitz gives her a full report on Jake’s welfare and condition.

A few days later Fitz calls her again to report on Jake’s daily rations, exercise, and general well-being. She tells him about her visit to the super max security prison to visit Tom to see if he would change his story. She mentions that Tom told her Fitz tried to kill himself after she left, but Fitz becomes eerily quiet and refuses to comment, changing the subject back to what hope means. He asks if she lied just to save Jake’s life, then he invites her over to prove her honesty. He proceeds to explain in graphic detail what he would do to her sexually if she went over, eventually leaving her wanting more.

The Truth Comes Out

Olivia pays off a guard to give Tom a ‘message from command’ and stab him, not enough to kill him, just enough to get a point across. After that Tom reaches out to Olivia and while being recorded, finally admits that command ordered him to kill the President’s son. He explains that command said that the President took his child so he was going to take his. She gives the evidence to Fitz and watches as his anger bubbles to the surface again.

A Triangle is Not Always for Love

The episode ends when Jake Ballard is released from prison to a secure location alone with the President and Olivia Pope.

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