Sunday April 30, 2017

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After Kaitlyn’s death last week we are met by Olivia and Kathrine talking about Kathrine’s husband Jeremy and his security guy, Dan, who Olivia has reason to believe wanted whatever Kaitlyn had in her folder before she was murdered. The major problem with Dan?

He’s an ex-dirty police captain and still has plenty of friends on the force willing to lie for him. Olivia is determined to get justice and follows Quinn along on the ‘Dan stakeout’. While they are watching him he becomes physically abusive to Kaitlyn’s best friend, Faith. Quinn calls 911 to call in the abuse but before the police can arrive Dan shoots and kills Faith.

Olivia meets with Jeremy who happens to be waiting on Dan and tells him that she watched Dan kill Faith the previous night and knows that he killed Kaitlyn as well. Dan flashes back to a memory of a conversation he had with Dan when he found all of this out for himself but was threatened to stay out of his business. Jeremy denies knowing anything while talking to Olivia but she promises that Dan will rot for what he did and if Jeremy knows anything about it he will too. Quinn realizes that Kaitlyn gave Faith a key to keep safe for her and that just before Faith was killed she swallowed that key to keep it out of the hands of Dan. Quinn goes to the morgue, cuts into faith and finds the key.


The president demands an update from Cyrus about Jake. Cyrus tells him that at every check in: noon, four, eight, and midnight, there has been no update. Jake won’t talk. He has had impressive training and needs a less constitutional kind of encouragement to be broken but Fitz insists that they do this by the book. In the interrogation room Jake refuses food and water because he knows that if he doesn’t eat or drink for 72 hours his demand of meeting with the President will be met while he is moved to a medical facility. While he is being interrogated he closes his eyes and is back on the beach with Olivia, his happy place.

The president goes to the pentagon to get an update on Jake in person. When he arrives Jake tries to tell the president his story about Tom Larson and Command being the true guilty parties in his son’s murder. Fitz doesn’t listen and Jake begins to laugh because he realizes that he is screwed. He knows that the president has been waiting to get Jake out of his life ever since Jake got into bed with Olivia. Jake tells Fitz that he is a decent human being and the reason he knows that is because Olivia loves him and if he wasn’t a good person Jake would be in a grave by now. He tells Fitz that Olivia calls the ‘good guys’ White Hats and says that Fitz is one, that’s why Olivia loves him. Then he tries to tell him that he is one too and that’s why Olivia loves him, but Fitz gets mad and walks out.


Olivia calls Jake because she doesn’t realize that he’s being held against his will yet. She still thinks he’s just ignoring her. She tells her dad about not being about to contact Jake and without skipping a beat he suggests that she give the man a little room to breathe. She feels like there might be something wrong but she refuses to believe it yet. Days later she calls him again, this time she only gives him five minutes to call her back before she is going to assume that something bad has happened to him. At the end of five minutes she calls Huck and tells him to find Jake. Huck finds Jakes last known location: the White House. Olivia calls Fitz and asks if he has Jake, but Fitz refuses to answer, which is answer enough for Olivia. She calls Abby but Abby doesn’t know anything either.

Finally Cyrus comes to her house to answer her questions. He tells her that the president found out that Jake killed Jerry and Harrison and Cyrus reminds her that before all of that Jake killed his husband. He tells her that Jake is being interrogated in the basement of the pentagon but that it’s classified so they won’t be talking about it anymore.

Olivia confronts her father about him killing everyone and framing Jake, but he has a good way with words and spins the entire story to make himself look good and Jake look like a murderer. He says that Jake loved her so much that he gave her exactly what she wanted, the election. But then he told her that her mother was responsible for killing Jerry so that she and Fitz couldn’t possibly be together. Her father told her that he thought she would be safe on the island, even with Jake because Jake loved her and so he would never hurt her.


Millie is drunk and smelly today, two for the price of one. Fitz asks her if she won’t even pretend to be the First Lady ‘why does she even bother to stay?’ Her answer is simple, Jerry is only four miles away from the White House and every day at 2:30 pm they go to his grave site. When Millie goes to find Fitz at 2:30 she becomes irate with his secretary who says that he is busy and won’t tell Millie where he is. She of course assumes he’s with Olivia.

Later that night she drunkenly confronts Fitz about screwing Olivia while he was supposed to be with her visiting Jerry’s grave site. He can’t take the accusations anymore and breaks down and tells Millie that he spent all afternoon trying to get a confession out of their son’s killer. Her attitude immediately changes as she declares that now Jerry’s death is meaningful. She compares him to a soldier and says that he died for them. Fitz gets pissed at her sudden nonchalance and kicks her out of the Oval office.



Huck sits outside his Kim and Javi’s (his family) house and watches the. Kim comes out to the car and confronts him and threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave. He tells her that he had to leave and that it was for their safety. She is tired of listening to his ‘crazy’ story about ‘super-secret’ spies who were going to kill them unless he left. Huck goes back a few days later and is caught by Kim again. He promises to stop stalking them if he is allowed to see his son, Javi. Kim agrees and tells him to come back later that night.

When he goes back to the house he brings Javi a present but Kim has invited a psychiatrist over to talk to Huck instead. He becomes irate because he told her the truth about everything and she lied to him. He returns to the office where Quinn finds him alone and depressed after being betrayed by Kim and she tries to comfort him, without success.


David drunk dials Abby wanting to hang out. He reminisces about the days they used to spend together and she gets fed up with him and hangs up on him. He calls her the next day to apologize but she doesn’t care and hangs up on him again. A few days later he arrives in her office. He tells her that he needs to talk. David says that he was finally a winner, because he did what Olivia Pope would do.

He confesses having the blood of Senator Sparks on his hands. He tells Abby about how Spark’s daughters 9th birthday is that day, and her father is dead because of him. Abby rushes to Olivia’s house to yell at her for corrupting a good man. Olivia starts to cry and tells Abby that the President says that Jake killed Harrison, and Jerry. She tells Abby about the evidence and how he’s in custody but that she can’t believe any of it is true. She cried while Abby holds her.


The next time Fitz goes in to see Jake he insists that Jake meet him on his feet. He asks Jake if he killed Jerry. When Jake says no he is met with a sucker punch to the gut. Fitz continues to beat him while Jake explains, between blows, ‘you want me to be guilty, because guilty lets you be mad at me for things you aren’t allowed to be mad at me for. Like those two months I spent on a beach screwing your girlfriend. It must have killed you, imagining me inside of her as she called my name.’

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