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Jake is walking towards a car in a dark parking lot when he notices a strange substance under his car. He begins to walk away and hits the unlock button which causes the car to blow up. He knows that Command is making good on his promise to see him die and begins to look for his opportunity to gain the upper hand.

After Command and Tom meet to discuss the failed murder attempt in the park Command leaves and Jake shows up catching Tom off guard. He purposes that they work together to take down Command. At first Tom is reluctant but Jake makes him understand that once Jake is out of the picture and dead Tom won’t be too far behind him.

For extra insurance Jake takes a trip to David’s office to ask him to release the remaining B-613 files if anything ever happens to him. David refuses to release them because they are evil and no one should have access to the amount of destruction they could cause.


While Olivia and Jake attempt to have a normal dinner and discuss their days her phone begins to ring. She answers it and rushes out the door to help her newest client, Karen (although she doesn’t realize that Karen is a client yet). Karen (the President’s daughter) is drunk at a rave. Olivia has Huck dismantle the cell service in the area and calls Cyrus for an extraction team and they get Karen out of the party undetected.

In the helicopter we learn that rescuing the underage drunk daughter of the President from a rave is nothing compared to the crisis Olivia is about to take on. A guy from the party sends Karen a video of her having sex with two other guys at the party. The ramifications of this going viral are too much to think about so Olivia demands the President be woken so he can deal with this.

Fitzgerald is of course livid and calms briefly asking if perhaps Karen was raped. Karen becomes offended and explains how she got to the party in the first place. “I cut class. I slipped detail. I helped some girl hi-jack her father’s private jet. I went to a party 500 miles away from school. I got wasted. I got high. I shot up something awesome. Is it really so hard to believe I had sex without being raped?”

Quinn and Huck arrive at the White House to search for the guys that have copies of the sex tape so that they can avoid a viral nightmare. Karen narrows it down from roughly 30 guys at the party to a possibility of 4. She recognizes the tattoo of one of them and Quinn sets off to make a lasting impression and destroy the sex tape.

After finding the parents of the boy in the tape Olivia explains the very serious situation everyone is in if the tape ever gets out. The parents agree then bring to the table their extortion plan. They want $2.5 Million from the First Family in return for destroying the tape. Olivia fights for their money but when she returns with it and they demand more her attitude takes a 180 degree spin.

She calls them child pornographers. She accuses the parents of sending their son out to have sex with and video tape himself having sex with the President’s daughter so that they could extort money. She promises to destroy them in the news and tabloids whether her accusations are based in truth or lies because she can and they are terrible people. They eventually give in and sign off on destroying the tape without any money exchanged.


The President shows Millie that Karen is in town but tries to cover up the real reason for her visit by saying that she had some extra time free from school and missed her parents.

Millie sees Olivia in the halls and demands to know why she is there. Olivia refuses to tell her but suggests that she ask her husband. Millie storms into the Oval Office and reams him out for bringing Olivia Pope into her home. He explains that he didn’t call her, Karen did.

Mille screams about everybody keeping her in the dark and running to Olivia Pope instead. She says that she is the mother and it is her job to pick up the pieces and hold everything together except Fitzgerald cuts her off and yells back that she has been no kind of mother and she hasn’t held anything together in months. He lets the sex tape information slip to which Millie only replies “A sex tape? She takes after her daddy then, doesn’t she?”


Fitzgerald and Olivia are alone in the Oval Office when he admits to feeling like a failure. He’s failing as a father and a husband and needs reassurance that he isn’t failing as a man. He seduces Olivia in the Oval Office and asks if she missed him. She admits that she did and kisses him but abruptly stops. She blurts out that she can’t do this again and that she didn’t go away alone. He learns that when she left Jake went with her. He is sure this means he’s failing as a man as well.


Millie walks into Karen’s room while Karen is searching franticly for her phone. Millie tells her that she has her phone and that she’s seen the video. She tells Karen that if she had sex with two boys because it made her happy or feel empowered despite the tiny seizure she’d be having inside she would still support her.

Mille hypothesizes that Karen was sad and numb and thought that feeling anything was better than feeling nothing, because her brother died right in front of her. She climbs on the bed with Karen and holds her in a warm embrace. She tells her that she gets one free pass but that this was it. While Karen cries in her mother’s arms over the loss of her brother Millie offers advice about remaining more pure from now on, because of her social status.

The moment is sweet and tender and marked with a mothers love and gentle touch. Millie is back to being mom and it’s a wonderful sight to see.


In his attempt to avoid further slips from secret service the President brings in help to find the holes in his system. The man finds that Tom Larson, a man in the President’s own secret service, has holes in his schedule. One of the most notable occasions is two days before the election. The President begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and calls Tom in for questioning about the death of his son.

Tom calls Jake to tell him he’s being called in and needs to escape but Jake convinces him to go in and tell the truth. They have evidence that Command was in control, and they can finally take him down now. In a turn of events the President sends Command himself in to question Tom. Tom mentioned that he was under orders and when Command pushes to know who gave him those orders Tom cracks and lies. He tells them Jake Ballard gave the orders to kill the President’s son.

Tom and Jake are both taken into custody, as Command (Olivia’s father) has just essentially framed Jake for the murder of the President’s son. 

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