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What official business is happening at the White House?

Davis Rosen explains the voting options to President Grant about who would be most likely to approve the new gun control laws. President Grant thanks David and David smiles in return. Cyrus recognizes the smile as David’s realization that he has been approved into the bubble. Davis fights in court for the passing of the gun control law but despite his calm clear and concise delivery of the argument the law itself does not find a fair line to sit on to accommodate the 2nd amendment so he doesn’t think it will pass.

President Grant is drunk and angry to find out he can’t stop people from just going out and purchasing any assault rifle they want. If he doesn’t get to be a soccer dad in Vermont then he needs for his Presidency to have a point, and feels that they’ve tried their best but their best is no longer enough anymore. David finds information to implicate the Judge Sparks in a vehicular homicide case and blackmails him with the information to vote for the gun control law. Ironically Judge Sparks commits suicide after David blackmails him.

What’s going on with Olivia Pope and Associates?

A client, Kathrine, reaches out to Olivia to find her 17 year old missing daughter Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is the perfect popular high school girl and doesn’t match the description of a run away. Quinn and Huck look into her text messages and found 2 recent, the first from her mother and the second from her ex-boyfriend Darren, who she hasn’t communicated with in two weeks. Her Snapchat friend Faith claimed that she hadn’t seen or heard from her in over 24 hours but Olivia and her people knew that she was covering for her friend and dig farther, finding a hotel room at the Taft Hotel under Faith’s name where Kaitlyn was staying.

Kathrine goes to meet her but Kaitlyn is later found dead in her hotel room. After discovering that Kathrine has made a sex tape with Kaitlyn’s boyfriend and was threatened by Kaitlyn with the reveal of the tape, Olivia believes that Kathrine killed the girl. Kathrine insists that it looks bad but that she is innocent. She explains that she was bored so she slept with a 17 year old and that it was wrong and ruined her marriage and her family, but that doesn’t make her a murderer.

How is the first lady holding up?

While watching the news Millie takes it upon herself to become a detective to prove that the ‘Killer Cliff Bride Story’ which claimed that a woman pushed her husband off of a cliff was false. She tells Abby that she wants to fly to Yosemite to speak with the park ranger who is investigating the case. Abby compromises after talking to the President and agrees to fly the park ranger to the White House so that they can talk instead.

Millie pulls out all of the stops for her meeting, including NASA representations and soil samples that explain why the wife could not have killed her husband. It is too late however because the park ranger explains that they already have eye witness proof that it was not a murder. All of her hard work and dedication is lost, her reason for waking and working is gone and she once again losses all hope. Abby comes to her rescue and claims she has a more important meeting to attend when she realizes that Millie is losing it. The President witnesses this and calls Abby in for a private meeting to thank her and apologize for not giving her the time of day.

What shenanigans has Jake been up to?

Jake finds and threatens Charley for information but Charley says that he won’t speak no matter the torture but that if he is afforded the opportunity to see Quinn for the night he will tell Jake whatever he wants to know. Quinn thinks this means he wants her back and thinks she will want him as well but it just makes her feel sorry for him. But by the end of the night after a long conversation about lonely lives and time apart Charley kisses Quinn and she returns the passion just before Jake opens the door and announces that “Time’s Up”. When Quinn arrives back at the office she is annoyed that no one noticed that she was missing for 24 hours. She yells that when someone goes missing for 24 hours you look for them, or things go badly and people die (like Harrison). Huck shows that he still cares for her by telling her that the next time she goes away he’ll look for her.

Through the process of interrogation of Charley mixed with the previous evidence he had collected Jake learns the truth about what happened between Command (Olivia’s father) and the President’s son. Jake agrees to go to dinner with Olivia and her father in the hopes that he can confront Command about the part he played in the murder of the President’s son. Dinner is uncomfortably civil until Olivia gets a call and leaves Jake and Command alone. Command tries to continue the act of civility but Jake isn’t having any of it he starts in heavy, “Why did you kill Harrison? Did he figure out how you killed the President’s son?” He threatens to tell Olivia (with proof) everything he knows unless Command leaves the country. Command threatens Jakes life before promising that he’s not leaving to go anywhere.

Has Cyrus given in to the temptation that is Michael the prostitute?

Cyrus runs into Michael at his normal breakfast place. He immediately assumes that Michael is stalking him (and he is) but Michael explains that he is simply waiting on his business school friends to arrive for a friendly breakfast together. Michael calls Cyrus and is accused of stalking Cryus. Michael plants the seed of interest by asking if he is single. Cyrus eventually goes to the bar to find Michael and take him up on his offer for sexual discretion.

What’s next?

The episode ends when Huck finds video footage from the Taft Hotel elevator that could identify Kaitlyn’s killer. 

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