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We open on a scene of Jack and Olivia running in the park discussing the hotel room that Jack has booked for booty calls, because now that they are no longer on the secluded beach he refuse to live in her apartment waiting for her to need him. Olivia says she doesn’t do booty calls which leads Jack to point to Cyrus who is sitting on a nearby park bench waiting for Olivia to join him, which Jack calls a ‘political booty call’.

Cyrus blackmails Olivia with funds already directly deposited in her bank account from the white house for her to work with him. When that doesn’t work he assures her that he will simply tell Fitz that she has been calling daily asking about him and pining over him. Olivia agrees to help. She must track down the Elliott’s.

James Elliott was in a POW camp and tortured. Lisa Elliott was a school teacher who saved her students during a school shooting and took a bullet to the spine leaving her paralyzed in a wheelchair. They got married and devoted their lives to getting guns off of the street. They are supposed to be at the State of the Union Address to be the faces of gun control to the American people. Olivia must find them.

When she finally does find them she is shocked by what she has found. They hate each other. None of that matters though because they have to ban together in the public eye to help the President solidify his stance against guns. They agree to come, but they are miserable and it is clear.

Back at the White House the president is ‘missing’ because he is at the graveyard with Millie. He sits in the car and waits while Millie sits with her sons’ gravestone and eats chips, mourning her loss. The paparazzi capture a snapshot of this private moment and sell it to the newspapers and tabloids where it is run with the caption “Mental Break Down”. Abby holds a press conference to rid the public of their fears of Millie being mentally unstable but only makes it worse.

The tension between Quinn and Huck is palpable in the next scene when Quinn tries to explain the Elliott’s’ situation to Huck and he blatantly ignores her. She pleads with him not to treat her this way but he says he has to ignore her.

Breaking back to the Millie we find her sitting on the balcony eating fried chicken when the Fitz walks out to talk to her about attending the State of the Union Address the next night. He wants to reassure his public that his wife has all of her mental faculties by parading her around at a public event. She no longer cares what anyone thinks of her and refuses to pretend for Fitz personal or political sake anymore.

Cyrus tries to reason with her and tells her that he knows how she feels because he has lost his husband and misses him dearly but Millie insists that it’s not the same and that she’s still not going.

While James tries to think of something to talk to Huck about, Lisa tells Quinn about the perfect marriage that was once hers. ‘He thought I was perfect, I thought he was perfect, and we were in love, before all of this’ (the wheelchair).

David finds out that the fake domestic abuse file Harrison made up about him under orders of Olivia is going to ruin his chances of becoming Attorney General. Abby tries to talk him down but he is tired of listening. He says that the reason Olivia Pope always wins is because she has no loyalty and she doesn’t care who she hurts in her path. He decides then and there that he is going to win.

We see for the first time since Cyrus’ husbands’ death his true hurting when he is hit on at a bar and has to ignore the man because he is grieving.

When Huck and James get drunk we learn more about Huck and Quinn as well as Lisa and James. Huck and Quinn stopped seeing each other because she couldn’t mind her own business and interfered in his life, to find his old family. When left alone Lisa put a corkscrew in James’ leg because the tension and hatred between them is too much to handle.

David comes back and ‘wins’ just like he said he would when he blackmails Senator Watson into voting for him.

Abby becomes determined to get Millie to the State of the Union Address when Cyrus confides in her that he isn’t concerned that the Elliott’s won’t show because Olivia is on that, and she never fails, but that he knows there is nothing he can do to make Millie go. Abby finds Millie and pulls a chapter from Olivia’s book when she tells her that people’s children die every day and that those people don’t get to lie around, as Millie has, for three months without doing their job. She tells her that she must get up, put on a dress, and show the people that the first family is devastated but haven’t forgotten the American people, because she is the First Lady and that is her job.

Right before the Address the President asks to speak with Olivia alone to get her opinion on the speech and she tells him that it’s wrong, and that he has to speak from the heart. The American people need to hear that the First Family is still grieving for their loss. The speech he delivers is brilliant conveying just the right amount of emotion and conviction. He ends it declaring the strength of his beautiful wife and asking; how many other people’s children are going to die before a stop is put to gun violence?

Millie breaks down alone after the address but is soon met and comforted by Fitz.

Olivia shows up at Jacks hotel while he is researching Harrison and tells him that it’s not a booty call before dropping her jacket to reveal her nudity beneath.

Cyrus returns to the bar where he met the flirtatious stranger and finds himself in a hotel room being seduced. He finds out that the man’s name is Michael and that he is a ‘sex worker’ though and that causes Cyrus to rethink his decision and leave. It turns out to be the smart choice when moments later our cliff hanger is revealed. Cyrus is being set up, and Michael is The Bate.

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