Celebrity Wife Swap
Thursday March 23, 2017

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celebrity wives june30Celebrity Wife Swap
Recap For June 30, 2013

Hello and welcome to Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC. Tonight's episode is with Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. The former wrestlers will switch lives to see how the other half lives.

Their significant others move into each others houses and as always, read the rule book and prepare to meet the families.

After the introductions are made, Ric and Kitty go out jewelry shopping, while Wendy and Roddy settle in for a family dinner. They are not enjoying it at all.

Both ladies are getting adjusted to the others' house rules and chores. Wendy is not happy with the amount of work she has to do and just wants to relax.

Before long, it is time for the rule change. Wendy says she wants people to pitch in, and more family time (which includes spending money) while Kitty wants Ric to be home more. She also wants him to go into a store without being stopped. Sounds impossible. He decides to give it a try and go outside incognito. He even pays cash so people don't recognize him from the name on the credit card.

Wendy takes them all out to be pampered. She thinks this is an important part of family bonding.

Kitty does cheerleading with the girls and then they all cook dinner together. It is actually quite cute.

{sidebar id=8}Rod is in a kilt and takes Wendy on a proper date. The whole thing is actually quite sweet.

The week is over and it is time for everyone to go back home. (Is it me, or does it seem like they are rushing through the experience these days?)  Everyone is happy to be reunited and they sit down to discuss the experience. The women offer advice and share their feelings on how to make their relationships better. The men offer advice for each other so they can live a more positive life.

Wendy felt like the help and wonders how Kitty does it. She says how things changed when she took them out for a spa day.

They also share some of the good moments of the experience and realize that they can all make some changes to make their families and themselves stronger. In the update, not much has changed, but the families are trying hard to spend more time together.

It is dedicated to Reid Flair.  My condolences to the family.

Join us next time for more Celebrity Wife Sawp. Goodnight!

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