Celebrity Wife Swap
Thursday March 23, 2017

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celebrity wife swapCelebrity Wife Swap
Recap For June 23, 2013

Hello and happy summer! Welcome to Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC. Tonight Bristol and Willow Palin will switch lives with Joan and Melissa Rivers. Since the families are basically polar opposites, this is going to be one epic week.

After we get a look at each family's life, it is time for the games to begin! They move into each other's houses and read the new rule books.

Melissa is with Willow and Tripp, so they spend time talking and getting to know each other.  Bristol does the same with Joan and Melissa's son Cooper. Bristol wonders if Joan remembers insulting her and her family.

Bristol and Cooper play guitar together, while Melissa and Willow spend time with Tripp. He is standing on his head on the couch, which concerns Melissa, especially since his favorite word is no.  She is not happy with his lack of manners and how he doesn't like to clean up his toys. She does, however, like Tripp's bond with grandfather Todd.

Bristol gets her work schedule, which includes working on Fashion Police. She feels uncomfortable with the whole thing. She not only doesn't like insulting people, but also isn't into fashion.

At home, Bristol is with Cooper and thinks he is grounded and well rounded. However, she thinks he needs more family time.

{sidebar id=8}Bristol gets made over for a formal dinner. It is kind of boring, so I tune it out and make myself a snack instead. (Everyone should try Emerald's Sweet and Salty Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter mixed nuts. I will warn you though, they are totally addicting!)

Melissa doesn't like Tripp's behavior.  However, at this point, she does nothing to stop it.

Rule changing time! This ought to be good! Bristol wants more playtime, a low key dinner and dressing down.

Melissa requests that Tripp sleeps in his own bed, a surprise for Willow and behavior stickers and reward system.

Tripp whines over naptime, so Melissa reminds him of the sticker. He calms down and cuddles with him until he falls asleep.

They go out to dinner and Melissa helps him work on his table manners. She says they need to be consistent in his behavior, especially since Willow and Bristol let him get away with a lot. It takes a bit of time, but they seem to be getting the hang of it. He seems to be earning  a lot of stickers.

Willow's surprise is that she can work at a charity event for an ABC affiliate. She turns it down, which is kind of rude. Melissa tells her this is a professional credit for her and that she needs to stop being a wimp and take chances.

Bristol sends the staff home and makes everyone eat using paper plates and around the counter.  She also takes them fishing in a truck. It is really cool to see Joan let loose. Cooper also admits he had a good time.

Once they get home, Joan and Bristol have girly time and do each other's nails.  

Joan also plays sports with Cooper. It is nice to see this side of her because we are all used to the fashionista side.

Before long, it is time for the families to reunite. They talk about Bristol's time on Fashion Police, Willow turning down the job and how they both need to jump into the jobs.

They also discuss the new rules and how they worked out. Bristol seems a bit insulted about the whole authority figure thing, but realizes she needs to enforce more rules. Willow agrees to help out in this area.

Melissa says she likes some of the looser rules. Joan says she adores Bristol and the feeling is mutual.

Melissa quips that she can see Catalina from her house.

Update: Bristol is having successful results from the sticker chart,Tripp sleeps in his own bed, Willow is working on getting a job in a salon, the Rivers eat without phones, and not using paper plates. Melissa wishes she got to see Russia from Bristol's front yard.

Join us next week for more Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC. Goodnight.

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