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Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Tonight is week three of this romantic adventure for our show alumni. What will happen this week? Who will arrive this week for a chance to find love? Wr are about to find out!

We open with the aftermath of the rose ceremony. Apparently, this is the Elise is Crazy hour. She says Dylan isn't ready for a relationship with her and it seems as if people are not happy with her behavior regarding him and Chris. She wants him to be her rainbow. I look for a trash can to vomit in. If I ever ask a guy to be my rainbow, please, just kill me.

Michelle wants to talk to Marquel and clear the air after their discussion the night before. she thinks he could be the one for her.

Danielle from Juan Pablo's season is there with a date card. The only thing I remember about her is that she had really cool hair. She kind of reminds me of Amber from this season of Big Brother. She isn't sure who to take because she doesn't want to overstep her boundaries. In the end, she chooses Marquel, much to Michelle's chagrin.

The next day, Danielle and Marquel go on their date while everyone else chats about their relationships with people in the house.  Basically, it is a lot of whining, so I check out a bit.

Elise gets a date card and takes Chris on a date. AshLee is mad she doesn't have a date. Lacy thinks she needs to chill.

Chris injures his knee as he is getting ready for his date. The medics are called and we are left wondering what will happen.

Back to the Danielle/Marquel date. She has a crush on him and he hopes they get to know one another a bit better. They get caught in a storm, which is quite scary. 

 {sidebar id=8}As everyone is hanging out, people are talking crap about Chris. He goes on his date with Elise, but it is obvious he is very injured and struggling to get through everything. Apparently, they also have an overnight date. He is a prince, she wants to spend her life with him, he will be blessed to be with her. OMG in heaven…they get an overnight card and spend some 'quality' time together, but he keeps complaining his knee hurts.

Michelle and Clare decide to have a double date with Robert and Zach. The rest of the house is not happy with this plan, especially Sarah.  She feels inferior to the other girls and that she is not good enough for Robert. 

Michelle practically throws herself on Robert, which only makes Sarah feel worse. 

Everyone returns from their dates (minus Chris and Elise) and it seems like Michelle and Robert are getting closer and Danielle has a connection with Marquel. 

We have another arrival!  It is Jackie from Sean's season. The girls are jealous because she is so hot and the guys are immediately smitten.  She decides to take Marquel on the date. 
Danielle is NOT happy about this turn of events. 

I swear, this drama is getting on my nerves. I can barely keep up with who is mad at whom and why or who is jealous of what relationship.

AshLee gets her date card and asks Graham out. 

Lacy and Marcus make out in the water. 

AshLee and Danielle have a heart to heart about their situations in the house. They want the feelings they have for their guys to be mutual. They agree the roses are in the guy's courts. 

Jackie and Marquel seem to hit it off and they declare this the best date ever. She kind of reminds me of Six from Blossom. I love how he is a gentleman and asks if he can kiss her. 

Chris is in the hospital and it turns out he is more injured than he thought. Elise takes care of him and even makes him soup. It is actually kind of sweet and she is right, stuff like this happens in real life. 

Clare misses her family. It is the anniversary of her father's death, so she is really upset. Zach comforts her and….yeah. 

AshLee and Graham go on their date. Honey, never admit you social media stalk a guy. EVER. Never say you are obsessed. I am so embarrassed for this girl. They spend time together, she dances with him, or more accurately FOR him, but at the end of the night, they decide to not spend the night together.

Before the rose ceremony, everyone chats as the girls try to prove they are worthy of a rose. 

Rose ceremony: 

Graham gives a rose to AshLee. 

Zach gives a rose with Clare.

Marcus gives a rose to Lacy.

Marquel gives a rose to Jackie.

Robert gives a rose to Sarah.

Chris B. says he can't give a rose to Elise because he is going to be leaving the show. They decide to leave together. He gives the rose to Michelle.

Danielle is eliminated.

Join us next week for more Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Goodnight. 

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