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Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Tonight, we return to Mexico, where we continue to watch our favorite alumni try to find love. Last week, we said goodbye to Daniella and Michelle K. when one failed to get a rose and the other failed to make any romantic connections.

We open with Chris Harrison telling us about a different kind of love story. Apparently, Michelle K. had a romance with a crew member named Ryan. She refused to talk to Chris about this, but finally told producers the truth about the romance. 

The night she left the show, Ryan came to see her. While they were together, there was a knock on the door. They panicked and Ryan jumped off the balcony. The reenactment is unintentionally hilarious. 

Apparently, Ryan confessed everything and broke both his legs. He seemed to be more worried about losing his job than anything else. The producer seems to find the whole thing amusing. I have no words….

Back to the show. While everyone is um, bonding, Chris B. from Emily's season, Bachelor Pad 3 and the one who attempted to get onto Andi's season arrives. There are mixed feelings about it because people know he has a reputation with the ladies. 

Chris and Clare go on a date. They get a couples massage. He basically says he will know when he is in the right relationship and act on it when necessary. He tells the audience that he thinks he chose the right girl for the date. 

Robert is jealous over Marcus and Lacy spending time together. He thinks her behavior is very 'unclassy.' Asking for classy behavior on this show is like asking a little kid to be quiet and read at Chuck. E. Cheese. 

Marcus gets the next date card and asks Lacy out. They are on a boat, have dinner and kiss. He thinks their relationship is progressing and he can finally move on from Andi. 

They also go to some place with candles, where they make wishes and make out. 

Elise and Dylan are on the beach talking. Or more accurately, ELISE is talking and Dylan is planning an escape route. He just isn't feeling it with her anymore. 

 {sidebar id=8}YOPO. You Only Paradise Once. This is the catchphrase of the season/house. I am rolling my eyes so hard I am afraid they will fall out of my head. 

Elise wants revenge because Dylan is not into her….she says he better be careful what he wishes for….so she goes after Chris.   What are we, in high school? They frolic in the water. Okay, so in high school maybe it would be making out behind the bleachers, but it's the same idea. 

Clare sees the two of them making out and realizes what kind of guy he is. She is like 'NO ROSE FOR YOU!' 

The guys are working out on the beach the next morning. Michelle tells Elise to give Dylan a run for his money. They should re-title this show Bachelor In High School because this is exactly how they are acting. 

Elise tells Dylan she was thinking about him while kissing Chris. OMG in heaven….he says if you care about someone, you don't kiss someone else. She says he shouldn't right her off because it didn't mean anything. He says this is one more sign that this isn't going to work out. He says to not even bother giving her a rose. 

Zack K. from Desiree's season arrives and Clare is smitten. They go on a date and she feels tingly. 

Elise wants to focus on what she and Dylan can be even thought blind bats can see he's not even into her. HONEY, GET A CLUE!!! 

Dylan gets a date card. He asks Sarah, but she is unsure of what she should do, so she talks to Elise, who convinces her to go. 

Elise still thinks Dylan is into her….ALL TOGETHER NOW, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!! She calls the situation a nightmare. She goes on for so long that I am able to load the dishwasher, make some food, pour wine and text a friend….and she is STILL whining about it!

Back to the date. He compares talking to her to talking to a best friend. There is no kissing, but they do toast to a great date. 

That night, everyone is hanging out and saying how cool it is that everyone is getting along….for about 30 more seconds.

Marcus finds a love letter to Ben from his girlfriend.  He of course confronts Ben and all hell breaks loose. 

Everyone wonders what is going on, so Clare goes to spy. She reports that it is over a letter and everyone is, as predicted angry. 

Ben admits he did meet someone but wanted to experience the show. Michelle M. goes off on him and makes it about how she left her daughter. They all attack him (especially Michelle)  and he leaves. 

Rose ceremony time. The cocktail party is the same thing every week so I fast forward through it. 

Lacy gives a rose to Marcus. 

AshLee gives a rose to Graham. 

Michelle gives a rose to Marquel.

Clare gives a rose to Zack. 

Elise gives a rose to Dylan, who rejects it, so she gives it to Chris. 

Sarah gives a rose to Robert. 

Dylan is sent home. 

Join us next week for more Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Goodnight. 

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