Bachelor In Paradise
Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Bachelor In Paradise on ABC. Welcome to part one of the finale, where the couples will decide if they will remain together or leave paradise alone. Will there be a proposal on the horizon? We will find out soon!

Want to know what I won’t miss? This beginning and hearing this song. WTF with Lauren H. removing her retainer? EW. Also, I could go my whole life without ever seeing Evan eat a banana ever again. Or Brett showering with a lamp. I will miss Jorge though and wish he would make me a mojito. 

Tiara from Ben’s season arrives. She was the one with all the chickens and went home the first night. She has a date card, but everyone is taken. She isn’t sure what she is going to do. Nick goes to talk to her, which makes people wonder if they are going to get together. However, she gives it to Nick, who asks Jennifer on a date. They get some psychic reading that leads Jennifer questioning everything and if he truly has feelings for her. He thinks he is falling in love.

Can Josh stop moaning over his pizza please? STOP! 

Lauren H. wants to win Brett over in order to get a rose. 

Izzy and Brett have a long talk and break up. She feels sad, rejected and regrets breaking up with Vinny. She decides to leave the show and work things out with Vinny. I love how Evan screams for her to go get Vinny, it is so cute.

Izzy calls Vinny and he rejects her. BURN!  I can’t say I blame him for that. She has a total meltdown and it is an epic fail all around.

Rose ceremony time. Shushanna gets randomly pissed off and leaves. Wells tries to talk her out of leaving, but no avail. 

Josh to Amanda

Nick to Jen

Grant to Lace

Evan to Carly

Brett doesn’t feel a connection with anyone and decides to leave.

Wells to Ashley.

Tiara, Lauren H and Jami are sent home. 

The next day, Chris Harrison tells them about the overnight dates. Wells isn’t sure about Ashley because she is a virgin and doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable.

The girls talk to Ashley about their own losing virginity stories and give her sex advice. 

Wells says he won’t do the fantasy suite with Ashley. He is a gentleman about the whole thing and says it isn’t right for them to rush their relationship. They break up and she is in tears. I understand her feelings, but in the long run, she is going to be glad he did this. He seems to respect her and that is more important than anything. 

The other couples take and figure out what to do with their relationships. Grant and Lace get ‘Grace’ tattoos because it is their names combined. Lace freaks out, but eventually gets her ink.

The other dates are boring and not even worth recapping. Everyone is in love, the girls all want proposals….blah, blah, blah.

More tomorrow, stay tuned….

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