Bachelor In Paradise
Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to Bachelor In Paradise on ABC. Last night, the twins left, Carl and Ryan left before we found out who they are and Daniel the Canadian left. Ashley and Caila had a talk and it led to Caila wanting to leave. 

Camila tells Jared she wants to leave, which leads to him confronting Ashley. This leads to her crying and him leaving and I just can’t. I do, however, want to know where Ashley got that bikini, it is really cute. 

Oh snap, he is chasing after the car to leave with Caila! That is so sweet and cute. Didn’t Ames or someone do that on Bachelor Pad? Why do I remember this crap?

Ashley is whining about who the hell cares at this point. She misses Jared, but wants Wells and puts on makeup…on the beach because that is what is done in paradise. Jeez.

There is a thunderstorm and everyone is hanging out when Wells and Jami come back. They are holding hands and Ashley is upset. Wells and Jami get a recap of the Jared/Caila exit. 

Ashley and Wells talk about the Jami situation and she takes it surprisingly well. 

At breakfast, Jami is jealous of Ashley sitting close to Wells…and people are having beer for breakfast? All righty then!

Lauren H. from Ben’s season arrives and I have no clue who she is. Everyone compliments her outfit, which is actually kind of cute.

Shushanna from Ben’s season arrives and has a date card. She and Lauren must now choose two guys to date. Shushing chooses Wells and Lauren chooses Brett. Izzy is pissed, as is Jami. Anyway, the date is on the beach and involves sun, surf and making out. Wells loves Shushanna’s ass. Good for him, I guess?

At the beach, Jami and Izzy complain, Lace and Grant make out, we get a black box on Evan’s erection (I can’t believe I wrote that!) and Amanda and Josh get a date card. She is worried about where things are going with Josh and at this point, I get where she is coming from, but don’t care anymore. She has been warned enough and now has to come up with a decision on her own. 

On the date, Josh and Amanda talk and he turns on the charm, making her fall more in love than ever.

More next week!

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