Bachelor In Paradise
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Bachelor In Paradise on ABC. Tonight, more people come to the island, Ashley I. cries and Josh and Amanda will make out. You know, just another day in paradise.

WTF with Ashley I’s intro? I never want to hear this song ever again as long as I live. If my future husband suggests it as our wedding song, I will have to probably break up with him. Just kidding, but I would tell him that would be a big, fat NO!

Ashley I. and Jared are talking about their relationship. He wants to leave and honey? It is I COULDN’T care less, not COULD care less. She is still in love and crying. On a side note, I have that same shade of lipstick. He keeps friend zoning her although I know how she feels, she needs to LET IT GO. Listen to Elsa and LET IT GO!!!!

Jared then goes to make out with Caila, who thinks hr purpose is to help Ashley I. move on. As dramatic as she is being, I do know how crappy she must be feeling and to see him with Caila needs to make her feel even crappier.

Carly and Evan are back together and it is so cute to see him that happy.

Sarah bakes Daniel a cake for his half birthday. 

The twins share their worries about leaving to Jorge. He doesn’t say anything and reminds me of Lanny from Lizzie McGuire. 

The twins plot to kiss Daniel for a rose. I don’t know which one kissed him and I don’t care. They still work and channel their inner dumb blondes. 

Daniel also tries to win over Ashley I…..or something.

Rose ceremony:

Grant to Lace

Josh to Amanda

Nick to Jen

Vinny to Izzy

Evan to Carly

Jared to Caila

Daniel to Haley/Emily

Ashley I. and Sarah are eliminated and in tears. However, Ashley I. comes back and begs for a second chance, which she is actually given. Okay then!

Some dude named Carl comes in. He is a firefighter who was on Andi’s season and I have no clue who the hell he is because I don’t remember him at all. Emily is smitten and gets a date with him. 

Brett from Andi’s season arrives and he is the dude with the lamp. He even brings one on the island, which of course he does. He gets the 411 on everyone and decides to go on a date with Caila. She agrees and everything is changing, giving Ashley I. some hope. 

Izzy is immediately attracted to Brett.

Caila is confused about what to do, so she talks to both Brett and Jared. She decides to go with Brett, who says he was dumped for a lamp.

The girls are all into Carl because he is a hot firefighter.

The couples continue to bond and Izzy decides to give Brett a chance. She breaks up with Vinny, leaving him heartbroken. 

To be continued….

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