Bachelor In Paradise
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Tonight we have new people joining, a double date and more with the romances on hand. 

I love these erection puns when it comes to talking to Evan. Him eating a banana is scarring me for life, as is Daniel the Canadian chugging maple syrup. Also, the twins have names. I am still team Jorge.

Evan interrupts Josh and Amanda, wanting to take her on a date. It is awkward and I honestly don’t know what to say. I feel bad for him, especially when he is rejected yet again. 

Josh moans when eating pizza. I don’t even know what to do with this information.

Everyone mingles and it is actually quite sweet because you can see who is falling in love. Sarah chooses Christian initially, but also wants time with Daniel.

Emily and Haley discuss the differences between them and how to tell them apart.

Amanda talks to the girls about Josh, who warn her about him and tell her to be careful. 

Josh is pissed that Evan is using Andi’s book against him. This leads to an argument and people warning Amanda about Josh.

Rose ceremony;

Lace to Grant

Izzy to Vinny

Emily to Jared

Amanda to Josh

Sarah to Daniel

Carly to Evan

Haley to Nick

Brandon and Christian are sent home. I feel bead because Christian had a great connection with Sarah and Brandon had so much hope about Emily. 

Emily and Jared finally kiss and it seems like things are looking up for them when Caila from Ben’s season walks in. The guys want her, the girls are intimidated by her. 

She asks Jared out much to the chagrin of Emily. He talks to Emily first and then ends up saying yes to her. Yeah, the date’s boring, I don’t care.

Emily is angry and goes off on a rant. 

Lace and Grant and Vinny and Izzy go on a double date while some of the others have a drinking game party. More boringness I don’t care about. The bar date seems gross but things get more interesting when one girl at the bar gets into it with Lace.  Or attempts to….Grant rescues her.

Evan passed out and cannot be revived so everyone is concerned. He wakes up and says he is fine. Carly is there and very confused about what is going on and what she should do.

Jared and Caila are bonding when Ashley I. arrives…..stay tuned.

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