Bachelor In Paradise
Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. We are in week 2, part 2 of this season and couples are forming everywhere. 

Can we give the twins an identity of their own? I will never look at bananas or maple syrup the same way again thanks to this intro. Did they not add Josh? I don’t remember him there. Whatever, I don’t care. 

Amanda and Josh are making out while Nick and Daniel talk about it and watch. I guess runner-up is a new occupation from now on for Nick? Canadian an occupation for Daniel?

Sarah and Daniel continue to bond. 

Christian from JoJo’s season arrives and I don’t remember him at all. He has a date card and has a man chat to decide who to take out. REALLY? Are we in freaking middle school? 

Nick says Josh is obnoxious, and I can’t argue there. Daniel hopes Christian doesn’t choose Sarah because he is into her and he thinks it would be a waste of time. However, Christian asks her out and she says yes. 

Carly babbles about not being into Evan and lady boners. She ends things with him, leaving him heartbroken. 

Oh, and honey? Evan is not your ex boyfriend. You went on one date with him. 

Sarah and Christian enjoy their date of rappelling.

HAHA!!! Chris has no clue who the hell Brandon is….nor do I….nor does anyone. He was apparently on Brandon’s season with Carly’s brother Zak. 

Brandon and Carly bond a bit, but he ends up asking Haley on a date. She and Emily do a switcharoo and he has no clue. He seems like a sweet guy though. 

The girls get drunk and…yeah, no comment.

I feel so bad for Daniel because I know how crappy it feels to see the one you like with someone else. 

However, they have a long talk and it gives Sarah something to think about. 

Evan wants a date with Amanda, who spends the entire episode making out with Josh.

To be continued.

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