Bachelor In Paradise
Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello and welcome to Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Tonight, we get to find out about the aftermath of Chad’s elimination and see a former Bachelorette winner enter the island. Who will it be? Is this final the end of The Chad? Let’s find out!

This remake of the song is hilarious. The twins still have no identity. Seeing Evan eat a banana is disturbing. Who the hell is Izzy? I still kind of want to marry Jorge. 

Everyone is glad Chad is gone and disturbed by his behavior. Chad is cursing up a blue streak and thinks he has nothing to do in life. He also thinks that he was being provoked.  Chris Harrison is trying so hard not to laugh.

Leah enters the house, much to the chagrin of Emily. She still isn’t over the drama she caused in Ben’s season. Leah wants to date Chad, who is of course gone. She ends up with Nick instead, which upsets Amanda.

The date is boring and ends with a ‘sweet kiss’

The twins eat bananas and turn the guys on. All righty then. 

Lace spills her guts to Jorge and tries to convince Vinny to tell Grant to give her a rose. Somehow, this actually WORKS and she and work things out. 

Amanda video chats with her kids and I love how they hide her phone logo—when it is so obvious it is an iPhone.

Nick gets a date card and decides to ask Amanda out. Leah is acting so weird and saying she has the same makeup and clothes as Amanda. This annoys the twins to no end. 

On the date, Amanda and Nick hit it off, which upsets Leah. 

Sarah is upset she hasn’t hit it off with anyone and hopes to get things going with Vinny. 

Carly and Evan hit it off and kiss. It is awkward AF to watch, but he thinks it was perfect. The thought bubble as he lays down is hilarious. She thinks it was terrible and doesn’t get how he has two kids. 

Lace and Grant hook up in the most awkward scene ever….complete with blankets falling and crabs in the room.

There is a rose ceremony coming up, which will send at least two women home. The twins are a team and if one gets a rose, the other one stays.

Cue mingling and making out. Aww, Vinny and Sarah are so cute together. However, he also makes out with Izzy. UGH.

Leah is cocky AF and I think she is getting sent home. I tune out for awhile, but it seems like she tries to convince Daniel to save her.

Rose ceremony:

Grant to Lace

Nick to Amanda

Evan to Carly

Jared to Emily/Haley

Vinny to Izzy

Daniel to Sarah.

Jubilee and Leah are sent home. 

Josh Murray, best known for being engaged to Andi Dorfman on her season, arrives in paradise with a date card. 

Josh opens up to Amanda about a family member having cancer and knows he will be competing with Nick for her affections. He basically bashes Andi on the date and…..really? Not really something to discuss on a first date, but in a way I get it because she wrote an effing BOOK about it and he probably wants to her to know his side of the story. We don’t get to hear it, though.

Carly talks about her past boyfriends and how she dates feminine guys….one of which now has a boyfriend. She wants to avoid Evan, who gets a date card and asks her out. She ends up saying yes, although she is conflicted. He was so cute trying to ask her though….I even would have said yes.

The date is eating a hot pepper of some sort and breaking a kissing record. They win it and she throws up from both the pepper and kissing him.

Emily is with Jared and makes Ashley I. look like a schoolgirl. If I ever act that desperate, just kill me. They kiss and I don’t give a fig anymore. 

Josh and Nick discuss the Amanda dating issue and I don’t care….it is obvious she is more into Josh. We find out more tomorrow. 

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