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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Hello! Happy September, Happy Labor Day and welcome to Bachelor In Paradise on ABC. When we last left our alumni, Jesse had given a rose to Christy, which sent Lucy home. Cody declared his love for Michelle, who is a bit scared. Marcus and Lacy are still madly in love, while Sarah thinks she sees forever with Robert. Confused? You won't be at the end of this episode of Bachelor In Paradise. 

Marcus and Lacy go on a date. The date card even said a Lacy instead of a lady, so everyone knows this couple is IN LUV forever…or until the show is over. (Although, I must say, I think these crazy kids may make it!)

They go exploring and face their fears…you know, like every other date we see on this show. Come on, producers!!! BE ORIGINAL! 

She is scared to say she is in love with him. She finally gets the courage and they celebrate with a kiss. YAY! 

Michelle is overwhelmed by Cody's declaration of love and his constant affection. 

Brooks is on the island. Sarah is excited because she has always been attracted to him. However, he takes Jackie instead. Sarah is upset because she came here to meet Brooks and is all confused.

 {sidebar id=8}Jackie and Brooks enjoy dinner and wine….or attempt to. The date seems incredibly awkward and boring. They also play foosball, because this is 1995. 

They get back and tell everyone about their date. Sarah is still mooning over Brooks when she goes to her room and finds a romantic note from Robert on her bed. She realizes she has something decent with him and forgets about Brooks. They have a romantic evening together and she realizes he is the guy for her. 

Michelle and Cody hang out. He says he loves her, but will give her space. She says he needs to be patient with her, but she will be open and honest with him. 

Gah, this episode is so boring tonight!

Apparently, Jesse has been running his mouth about the sexual things he has done with girls in the house. They all agree he is a misogynic douche bag. 

Christy is just ready to say screw it and go home when Tasos arrives. He of course has a date card and takes Michelle aside. They talk and she convinces him to take Christy out on a date.

On a complete side note, I LOVE her swimsuit, does anyone know the designer?

Tasos and Christy enjoy their date on the beach. At the house, Jesse is worried that she might choose Tasos instead of him. 

Brooks and Jackie play HORSE. This episode needs to pick it up because I am bored out of my mind right now. 

Zack gets a date card. Graham says AshLee is going to cut someone because they didn't get a date this week. Zach, of course, chooses Jackie.

Michelle begins to wonder if AshLee should be trusted based on her past behavior. 

Zack and Jackie enjoy margaritas and good conversation. She is glad he is interested in her and wants to pursue her rather than seeing her as someone he HAS to pursue. However, Brooks is still in the back of her mind.

They enjoy time kissing in a magical cave. 

Lacy thinks Jesse is a sleaze ball who wants to have a good time with a bunch of girls. She also doesn't like how he talks about the girls in the house.

The guys now have to convince the girls why they should stay in the house. Brooks does Jackie's nails. 

Jesse decides to leave and says he accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish. He also says some really crappy things to Christy….to the point where Michelle is ready to kill him. He says this is not the end and he will see them all again soon. 

I just want to hug Christy and get her some wine and ice cream. No woman ever deserves that kind of treatment. 

The girls confront Jesse about his behavior, but he doesn't seem to think he did anything wrong. Way to go Michelle for taking on the role of Mama Bear! I would have done the same thing, except I would have used MUCH harsher language. 

Jesse leaves and says he made friends, except for the three girls. He expects to get a lot of emails and invitations. He does a 'victory' shot in the car.

The girls do shots. The guys agree Jesse is very disrespectful. 

Rose ceremony time.

Lacy gives Marcus a rose. 

Ashlee gives Graham a rose.

Sarah gives Robert a rose.

Michelle gives Cody a rose.

Christy gives Tasos a rose.

Jackie gives Zack a rose.

Brooks is going home. He wishes things turned out differently.

Join us next week for the Bachelor In Paradise finale. Goodnight. 

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