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Tuesday March 28, 2017

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Hello, and welcome to night two of the Bachelor In Paradise double feature on ABC. When we last left our contestants, Graham bolted from the rose ceremony when AshLee said his name. 

When we arrive, Michelle and a medic are taking care of him. He is feeling sick, but decides to go on with the rose ceremony. Michelle hopes he doesn't take the rose from AshLee. 

Now Lacy is sick and bolts from the rose ceremony. Marcus offers to go with her to the hospital, so they leave in an ambulance. She already gave him a rose, so he is safe. 

Michelle gives Cody a rose. 

Jackie gives Jesse the rose.

Marquel and Kalon are sent home. 

It turns out Lacy's intestines are enflamed. Marcus is by her side, taking care of her and doing everything to make her feel better, minus singing Soft Kitty. He totally should have because it would have been epic.

Clare says she and Zack are unbreakable. Oh, honey, get a CLUE. Do I need to get Steve and Blue on the case to show you he is just not all that into you? Even a fake psychic detective can sense this!

Christy from Juan Pablo's season is now on the island with a date card. She chooses Zack, which pisses Clare off. However, Zack says no and decides to stick with Clare. 

Christy chooses Jesse, who accepts. They wander the city and go exploring. They enjoy a drink, talk about exes and play with a random dog. 

Jackie is worried about the date.  Basically, it is a lot of insecurity because she wonders if Jesse and Christy are going to hit if off.

Sarah gets a date card and goes out with Robert. It is first kiss night and she hopes they make out all night long. 

Okay, this date is so awkward. Take the Jamie/Ben make out by numbers date and multiply it by a thousand. She finally gets the make out session she wants, but it is still painful to watch. 

Michelle and Cody are hanging out and seem to really hit it off. He is falling 'way, way fast.'  She is freaking out because this happened overnight. 

Jackie notices Jesse is acting different. She is like, we used to be bed, er, best buddies, and now we're not! I want to know why! 

Zack tries to have a talk with Clare about where their relationship is going. She doesn't like how they want different things, so she runs off to the jungle to find her raccoon friend…..who is actually THERE….along with some other animals.  

So what did the fox say? He told her to go home. She decides to leave the show and paradise forever. Zack tries to talk her out of it, but she says she is leaving….and that she has to blow her nose. OMG in heaven….

She is leaving with a broken heart, a stuffy nose and puffy eyes. Just take NyQuil and have the best sleep you ever had with a broken heart. 

Lucy from Juan Pablo's season arrives. She is the free spirit hippie chick. One of the guys say that she probably isn't wearing underwear. 

She gives a date card to Jesse. They hang out and enjoy the sights. Or something. It is boring and I don't care. 

Michelle and Cody have a date as well. They take pictures that look like those engagement pictures that are overly posed and fake.  I refuse to do these pictures for my engagement.  

Michelle realizes there is a wedding dress there for her to put on for more pictures. She freaks out, but does the photo shoot anyway. 

 {sidebar id=8}Graham and AshLee have a date involving cars. I don't care. 

Christy is mad nobody is drinking and that there are not many options in terms of single, cute guys. 

Marcus tells Lacy he loves her. She says he is an angel. 

There is a lot of making out and canoodling going on…I can't keep up and I don't care.  This seems to be the longest….episode….ever. 

Christy is crying over the fact that Jesse might like Lucy better than her. However, they have a talk and all is right with the world. 

Lucy, Christy and Jesse appear to have a threesome. 

Jackie goes after Zack because she is over Jesse. He is so yesterday and a sleazeball. 

Lacy agrees that he is a manwhore.

Everyone tries to state their cases as to why they should get a rose.

Rose ceremony. Finally. This episode took forever!

Robert gives a rose to Sarah.

Graham gives a rose to AshLee.

Cody gives a rose to Michelle.

Marcus gives a rose to Lacy….who seals the deal with a kiss.

Zack gives a rose to Jackie.

Jesse gives a rose to Christy. 

Lucy is sent home and makes some snarky comments about Christy. 

Join us next week for more Bachelor In Paradise. Goodnight.

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