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April, Beth and Brenna are all lie on the Hospital green together one last time before April is forced into starting Chemo for a month. April talks about how much she’ll miss being able to enjoy the outside world and tells her friends that the reason she has to stay inside is because of the type of cancer she’s endured. Beth and Brenna joke with April and tell her she should’ve gotten Rectal cancer instead. Sara and Grandma send April inside and Grandma reacts to the rectal comment in horror…Only natural for me to start dying of laughter.   

When April enters the hospital and lies in bed, the nurses begin to stick her with IV’s and stick her body with catheters and tubes in order to pump her body with chemo. At that moment, April realizes how profoundly life changing her experience is and how different her life is going to be. She gets choked up and does her best to toughen up and endure the ‘average’ pains experienced by many cancer patients today.  

Brenna escorts April around the hospital shortly after she started receiving her first treatment and a nurse by the name of Leilani urges April to go back to her room for lunch. April says she is fine and doesn’t want to go back to the room yet because the chemo hasn’t kicked in. The nurse curtly reassures her she will feel it and it will hit her hard; snubbing the joke that Brenna made to break the tension…clearly this nurse has a way with words. 

When April treks back to her hospital bed to lie down, she finds her family setting up her room. Beth gives April flowers and Brenna gives April a tablet to play Candy Crush. Just then, an elderly patient named Saul approaches the door and tells April that the game is no good because chemo treatments cause massive headaches. Saul also manages to flirt with April’s grandmother a time or two. Who said the elderly couldn’t get down?

As April adjusts in her bed as best as she can, she tells her family once again that she’s not hungry and tells everyone that she’s pretty nervous about the chemo kicking in. Both George and Dr. Hamburg tell April that everything she’s going through is normal and go into detail about what is to happen to her. Dr. Hamburg tells George to let her to her job but George tells Hamburg he’s not sure what that is. Hamburg reassures George that his only job at this hospital is to be April’s Uncle. George understands and backs off respectfully. 

Meanwhile, Brenna is back at school and finds Ford in the corridor outside; bragging about something stupid. Just then, Ford spots Brenna heading over and tries to snub Brenna’s request to talk with her but Brenna pushes forward with it. The girls start fighting and Ford tells Brenna that she’s been different ever since she started dating her rich, preppy girlfriend Greer. Brenna tells Ford that there is much more to life than making fun of people all of the time and tells her that when she is ready to face that reality, they can be friends but until then, she no longer wants to be Ford’s friend. Ford makes a snarky comment about Brenna’s choices and storms off. 

It’s evening at the hospital and Sara joins April for a hospital sleepover. April tells her mom that she’s digging her choice in pajamas. Sara tells April that they are new and the reason she brought them is because she’s not used to sleeping public. April tells her mother the feeling is mutual. Just then, April favorite nurse walks in the room and tells her to give her a buzz if she needed anything and warns April that her bed alarm goes off every time she gets out of bed.  Just then, Saul walks in the doorway and tells Martine that his alarm has been going off for 10 minutes and no one has yet to answer. Martine tells Saul that he’s exaggerating about the one minute the alarm has been going off and tells Saul she will be able to tend to him in a minute. 

When Martine leaves, April tells her mother there was no way she would ever be able to sleep in her room, ever. Just then, Sara pulls out one of April’s first ever -reading books growing up and reminds April that her dad taught her to read with this book.  Sara reminds April of the fact that she would never want to fall asleep because she was so convinced that all the ‘grown-ups’ were staying up having fun without her. April told her mom she remembers just how insecure she was and Sara reassures April it had nothing to do with insecurity but curiosity because April never wanted to miss a beat. April and Sara snuggle up and enjoy their mother-daughter bedtime story together.  

Moments later, April gets up and walks around and sees her dad in the hospital watching over her. When she asks her dad if she’s dead, he tells her that she isn’t but has to tell her something. When she asks what it is, she begs him to answer but doesn’t and April grows so upset that she jumps up and realizes it was all a bad dream. When she gains more consciousness, she realizes that Domenic is in the room. Overcome with a sense of relief, the two lean over and hug. Just then, Domenic tells April; “I knew I shouldn’t have left.” 

April is so overcome with emotion, she tells Domenic she is shocked that he is with her. Domenic tells April that he couldn’t believe how long it took to get back to her and tells her of his crazy travel adventures of getting robbed and moving all over. Just then, Domenic gives April a playlist and tells her that the list has the exact number of minutes that exist in a week, which he knows is the exact length of time that chemo treatments last…Couldn’t you just swoon?!

Moments after, April admits to Domenic she found out she was sick a while ago…more like the night of their first date. Domenic gets really upset with April but hears her out. April explains she didn’t know how to tell him considering she’s been crushing on him for so long and wasn’t ready to have that fall apart. On top of that, April admits to Domenic that she’s been struggling with telling her family and Beth was the only person who knew for a while. 

Domenic asks April if she thought he would leave her and asks her if she didn’t trust him. April tells Domenic that he was always mentioning how much how couldn’t handle girls with drama and how incapable he was of handling Leo. Domenic tells April that he was referencing Leo’s negative actions towards April in the past. Domenic gets up to head out and April asks him how long he is staying in town. Domenic walks away intensely and tells April he is still trying to figure that out.     

Midday at school, Brenna is called into the Principal’s office with Greer because someone ended up ratting on the girls for skipping out on their eco club trip. Brenna ended up telling lies slightly different from Greer’s and right when the principle was about to call Brenna’s mother, Brenna tells the principal that should would much rather do that herself because she has a lot going on at home. The Principal believes that Brenna is lying but Greer backs Brenna up and the girls explain about April’s cancer and chemo treatments and the principal gives Brenna a day to tell her mother. 

The following morning, a nurse is setting up April’s IV when Saul walks in and asks April if she wants to play cards but April turns him down. Saul asks April if he could meet with her later and she turns him down again. Just then, Danny walks in the room and sits down awkwardly. April asks Danny if he’s mad at her because he’s been acting weird. Danny admits that he feel uncomfortable around April because he feels like he can’t keep being a jerk to her. April reassures Danny that his jerkiness was one of the few things that was keeping her sane throughout her days in the office and thanks Danny for his arrogance. Danny then reassures April that he’s not arrogant, but tells her he really is smarter than she is. April starts to smile and shows some signs of relief. 

When Danny leaves, Beth comes by and listens to Domenic’s playlist with her. Beth tells April that Domenic is the most romantic person ever. April comments on Beth statement by telling her she feels bad for cheating on him. Beth reassures April urgently that she did not cheat on Domenic; reassuring April that they don’t even know if he’s staying in town. But, Beth does tell April that although they were on a break, he would still be really hurt that she slept with Leo but what happens in the funeral parlor, stays in the funeral parlor. April tells Beth that they only broke up because of distance and tells Beth that the fact that he flew back for her truly is amazing.

Just then, Brenna arrives at the hospital upset from school. Sara asks Brenna if she is ready for her sleepover with April and Brenna tells Sara she has something to tell her. Following her comment, George comes walking over to Brenna and tells her the news: She is not a bone marrow match for April. This breaks Brenna’s heart especially considering that April’s other possible match is the wicked wretch of a sister from Florida who refused to help out in anyway. 

Following this hard conversation, George takes a walk with Sara and apologizes about kissing her the other night and tells her he wasn’t thinking. Sara tells George its okay considering it’s a completely rational response to trauma. She makes a joke allowed about what they would call their hypothetical coupledom anyway, only showing how interested in him she really is. The two say goodnight and part ways.

Back in the hospital room, April asks Brenna if she is feeling sick because she looks stressed and Brenna dishes to April about her school and Florida stresses. April offers to help but Brenna tells April that she can take this one on her own. April smiles at her sister and is grateful that they spoke. The next morning, while April wakes up and throws up.  

At home, Brenna tells her Mom about her Florida trip and Sara starts freaking out and making assumptions about Brenna’s whereabouts, believing her time to be reckless. Brenna tells her mother that she went to Florida to meet Natalie; the sister she never knew about but found out about from April. Brenna furthers her explanation by saying she just wanted to see if Natalie would be a bone marrow match for April who needs one now. Sara apologizes and explains she didn’t know how to tell the girls about it. Brenna walks off and attempts to blow off steam. 

Meanwhile at the hospital, April cannot keep anything down and Leilani walks in and offers to boost up April’s pain medication pills. Once again, April sees her father and he tells her how hard it is to see her trapped in the hospital like this and how much he doesn’t want her to die there like he did. April wakes up, rips the tubes out of her and makes a phone call to bust her out of the hospital.

Sara arrives at the hospital to visit April but comes to find that she is missing and calls George out of nervousness. April is curled in a ball at the hospital chapel where she meets up with Leo who tells her that he will not help her break out but first lets her vent. Prior to him telling her no, April tells Leo that she is afraid and scared and angry and the people who are out there living while she is trapped in her stale, crappy hospital box. Just after, Leo denies her and tells her that her time there is temporary because she already has the attitude to beat her cancer. After their talk, Leo carries April out of the room and into the hallway. 

When they reach the hallway, April tells Leo how scared she is. He reassures April that she’d got this thing in the bag and April admits that she’s scared because she fears that Leo might be gone by the time her month is up. Leo tells April that might be the case but not to worry because he just represents a symbol of something she fears; death. April told Leo he’s much more to her than that symbol and he should’ve known that from what they had the night before.  Leo tells April that he isn’t the guy for her because he is dying and sick and Domenic is because he would make it through the long haul with her. 

As soon as Leo walks away, Domenic catches Leo talking to April watches the pain in April’s face as he walks away from her. He now knows that something is up. Just then, her Uncle and mom run over to hug her and the look on Domenic’s face is one of upset and heartbreak. 

As George and Sara sigh in relief, they each ask April what put her over the edge. She tells her family that she thought she wouldn’t be able to handle it but knows she can now.  Just then, Domenic stops by to visit and her family leaves. 

April explains that she flipped out earlier that day with a mini meltdown but knows she is fine now. Domenic explains that he saw April with Leo and April explains that the two became friends. Domenic asks if the nature of their relationship was strictly platonic. April’s silence answers his question and he proceeds to tell April what a strong woman she is with a great support system but tells her that he needs to take care of himself now. April cries as he leaves, knowing that what they had was over. 

Back at school, Brenna and Sara bump into Greer and her parents who squashed everything with their monetary assets. However, Greer’s parents make Brenna agree to no longer dating their daughter because Greer deserves a girl of a higher caliber. Sara freaks out at Greer’s parents and defends Brenna. Brenna tries to get a word out but her mother is deep in defending her. After Greer mouths her applogy to Brenna, Brenna breaks down crying to her mother apologizing for being less than a perfect daughter. Her mother reassures her that she is a perfect daughter and should never doubt that. 

After April endures her break up, she drifts off into a deep sleep once more where she bumps into the leader of her cancer support group who tells her all the joys about the afterlife. April gets emotional because she realizes that he’s dead but he reassures her that he has never felt more youthful or alive. April also bumps into her friend from the carrot juice cart who reassures April that she didn’t need him anyway considering how well she is doing. Lastly, April’s father shows up again and tells her that he heard everything she told him at his grave. He tells his daughter that she is one of the lucky ones because when she walks out of there alive, she’s going to view life in a much richer much brighter way. When April wakes up, she sees Beth grumbling beside her because April opens the blinds happily and sees life around her. April tells Beth not to make her use the cancer card on her. Beth agrees to take April out on a ward walk. Beth is proud of April for letting go of Domenic and the break up. 

Brenna bumps into Ford at school once again who is ignoring her as per usual. Brenna feels upset at school. 

 {sidebar id=8}Meanwhile, George stops by Sara’s office for a quick chat. Sara confides in George that it’s hard to hear about what her patients consider ‘tragedies’ when she is dealing with a major one of her own. After Sara vents, George tells her that he takes back his apology for kissing her the other night. He tells her that 26 years ago when he left town and left her, he convinced himself he was content with his choice. Years later when his brother called and asked for his blessing, he was perfectly happy to hear that too. But in spending more time with her now, he realizes that those feelings are starting to come back and would rather be perfectly honest with Sara than conceal those feelings and wonders if Sara is feeling them too. Sara looks at him in shock and happiness. 

Back in the hospital ward, Beth and April joke about one of the patients at the ward who is known for her funny exclamations. Just then she bumps into her favorite nurse who informs her that Saul has entered remission once again giving April hope for a better tomorrow. Then, April’s heart sinks when she sees Leo’s parents walk into the cancer ward looking worried as could be. April turns to Beth in concern who hands April her phone and tells her to check her voicemail. As April puts the phone to her ear to listen, she begins to hear an important message from Leo when…

Cliff hanging shut out for the first season of Chasing Life.

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