Friday April 28, 2017

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CHASING LIFE What To Expect When You’re Expecting ChemoCHASING LIFE
What To Expect When You’re Expecting Chemo

Brenna recapped her trip to Florida with her mom and grandma at the table; discarding the fact that her and Greer are dating. Sara invites Greer over for dinner and mentions what a positive influence she has had in Brenna’s life. April comes downstairs for breakfast and Brenna asks April if she’s nervous about her “egg”straction; otherwise referred to as her fertility treatment. Sara scolds Brenna about her comment but April reassures her family she wants to live a normal life two days before she starts chemo. 

Sara takes April to her Fertility appointment. April waits around impatiently for the doctor to call her in but there is still no sign of her. Sara tells April that her eggs take after their mother and expresses that she waited around for April to arrive when she was pregnant with her. Sara tells April that it took nine days of waiting and the doctor to offer an emergency C-Section for her to start pushing. April appreciates her mother’s unspoken faith in her and her future and tells April her favorite part of pregnancy was knowing that she could always protect her. Sara asks April she would be up for a party in her name the following night as an optimistic celebration prior to her starting chemo and April happily agrees and reassures Sara that she will be a happy grandma in time. 

Brenna and Kieran are at the coffee shop on a date and are engaging in a conversation about her time in Florida. Kieran invites Brenna out on another date but Brenna turns him down because it’s on the night before April starts Chemo. Kieran makes an inappropriate joke about how April’s cancer is ruining Brenna’s social life. Brenna looks offended and Kieran apologizes. Kieran asks Brenna why she’s seemed so distant lately and Brenna finally admits to Kieran that she has feelings for Greer. Kieran asks Brenna if he was her cover to hide the fact that she is a lesbian and Brenna tells Kieran that she hates using labels and tells Kieran that she likes the both of them. Kieran asks Brenna if the girls have gone further together than they have and Brenna tells Kieran that she hasn’t and it isn’t a competition. She asks him if he would find it weird if she decided to date the both of them. He agrees to try it out and the two laugh it off. 

April is getting ready at home to go watch the Hendire debate taking place that evening after her egg removal surgery. Beth urges April to stay home because of the side effects that the anesthesia but April pushes herself because she knows how important the debate is for work. Beth asks if April is pushing herself to go to the debate because of work or because of Leo. April asks if saying both is a bad thing and mentions that Leo has been impossible to get in touch with post-funeral home hookup and how she hasn’t stopped thinking about Domenic since it happened. Beth tells April not to feel horrible because her and Domenic are on a break but April expresses her guilt in the short length of time it took her to act on their “break”-48 hours. Beth urges April to take her to the debate as a backup in case she gets sick. 

April ends up bringing Beth to the debate and locks eyes with Leo. He ignores April. April upset about it. Beth sends April to go watch the debate in another room while she gets her press coverage. Beth asks April if she is sure. April reassures her that she is just fine and the two take their separate ways. 

Greer comes over for dinner and Brenna, Sara and Greer all engage in fun dinner conversation. Sara invites grandma to stay for dinner but Grandma tells the girls that she is going out to spend time with her dear friend Bertie. Sara commends Greer on her list of scholastic accomplishments: Class President, Eco Club President, and Tennis Club President. Greer confides in Sara and tells her that her parents have been gone for about three quarters of life and Sara invites Greer to spend the night. Brenna hears the doorbell and opens the door to Ford; her troublesome friend that she hasn’t seen for some time. Brenna invites Ford inside to hang out with her, Greer and her Uncle and tells her that she will like Greer if she makes an effort.  

April walks into the pressroom to watch the debate and stands next to Raquel. Raquel asks April why she is taking her leave and why she looks like she feels sick. April tells Raquel that she doesn’t need to worry about it. Just before the debate. Leo steps on screen and starts talking about his father to the press when his speech suddenly slurs. His tumor started acting up and April took notice.  Leo gets obviously frustrated. The ambulance comes and Beth comes running out of her seat to find April thinking that the ambulance has come for her. The medics pull out a stretcher and Leo assures him mom that he is fine. Bruce wants to leave the debate but Leo’s mom pushes Bruce to stay and carry out his senatorial campaign duties. Leo walks out of the building to the hospital; cameras flashing and feeling embarrassed.

George finally arrives for dinner and him and Brenna are bonding over their trip to Nicaragua. Sara mentions how George is well travelled. Ford feels highly uncomfortable at the fact that she has nothing to contribute to the conversation and how horrible a trip to Nicaragua would be. Brenna states that she would love to go and thinks it would be cool to see such a different culture. Ford offers to clean up and storms out angrily.  

Meanwhile, Bruce is standing at the campaign podium, watching his opponent speak. April looks up at the screen waiting to hear Hendrie speak. After his opponent finishes, he starts to assert his position as a caring individual who cares for children. Bruce suddenly stiffens and chokes up. April stares at the debate with conviction and empathy. Bruce calls of the campaign stating that right now, the only child he needs to be concerned with is his at the moment. He shakes his opponent’s hand and walks away. 

After Hendrie’s groundbreaking campaign move, Raquel finds Beth in the bathroom crying hysterically; Each unaware of whom the other is. Beth apologizes to Raquel for crying so hard and Raquel asks Beth if she is connected to Bruce or Leo in anyway. Beth tells Raquel about April being sick without using her names and confides in her about how much she worries herself with all the heartbreaking possibilities and mentions chemo and her desire for April to get better. Raquel tells Beth that she’s sorry and taps Beth on the shoulder almost unsympathetically and tells Beth that the person who wrote about being your own best friend had a point. Beth cleans herself up after her breakdown and runs to April and hugs her. Raquel looks over, realizes and sympathizes. 

April shows up in Leo’s room at the hospital urging him to have the surgery. Leo tells April that his life is better without it. April says she should have a say for the simple fact that they are friends and they slept together. Leo tells April she has not right to vote just because they hooked up and tells April his decision is final. He makes it clear that April shouldn’t remain in his life if her only mission is going to be to attempt to change his mind. April tells Leo that she can’t be around someone who had the chance to fight but chose not to and tells his goodbye. Leo wishes April a nice life because he is going to have a nice death. April leaves emotional and bumps into her new doctor who shows her her potential hospital room. April breaks down even further at her future for the next month. 

Back at home, Sara walks upstairs into Brenna’s room and catches Greer and Brenna making out. She shuts the door shocked at what she just saw and knocks again. Brenna is horrified and the girls sit up. Sara invites Greer to sleep downstairs on the couch. Greer wishes Brenna and her mom a goodnight. 

Brenna can hardly make eye contact with her mom and tells her not to make this make-out into a thing. Sara asked Brenna if she’s always had feelings for girls. Brenna says she doesn’t know because she hasn’t felt this way before and then continues to ask if Brenna split up with Kieran. Brenna confirms that she is dating the both of them. Sara tells Brenna to be careful because hearts are tender especially at her age. Sara kisses Brenna on the cheek and walks out. Brenna screams in her pillow from frustration and embarrassment. 

Sara bumps into April in the kitchen and April asks why her mom looks so freaked out and Sara tells April that she will talk to her another time. Sara asks April why she looks upset and April says she will talk about it another time and expresses her  hopes in her last day work being uneventful because she is in desperate need to pack. 

The next day at work, a woman hands April her coffee and her fellow co-workers allow her to cut the line to the photocopy machine. One of her co-workers flashes his Livestrong bracelet and tells April to stay strong. April now becomes privy to the fact that her office has become privy to her cancer and winces. 

April walks into Raquel’s office and Raquel tells April that she will be covering the political ramifications of Hendrie dropping out and gives April the touchy feely story behind the matter, telling April to finish before she starts her vacation. April asks Raquel if she knows she’s sick with cancer. Raquel confirms and gets back to work. 

Beth invites April to lunch and April dashes out and gushing to Beth about everyone at working knowing she has cancer. As April goes through the list of possible rats in her mind, Beth admits that she unknowingly confided in Raquel. April gets upset at Beth even after she apologized and after having a brief spat, the two part ways. April is back at the office. Asks Danny for help but he shuts her down because he is on deadline. April starts her piece on Hendrie.  

Ford bumps into Greer at school and asks Greer how she turned Brenna. Greer tells Brenna that’s not how being a Lesbian works but that she totally respects Ford’s friendship with Brenna and is so happy that she knows. Greer asks Ford if she was invited to April’s going away celebration and Ford makes a snarky comment about Greer being invited to everything because she’s dating Brenna. Greer tells Ford that they can be friends even if it kills them. Ford walks away. 

April looks down at the last write-up email she is about to send for her job and takes a look around at her office. As April takes her stuff down and cleans her desk, she looks around once more and is holding her box of office clutter in the elevator with Raquel. Raquel proceeds to look through April’s things and asks if she stole a stapler from the office. April says she hasn’t and tells Raquel that she is the only person who treated her the same after finding out she was sick. Raquel says she’d want that for herself if she found out she was sick and promises April a best seller book because people who beat cancer who write books usually end up on the best seller list; not saying that April’s lucky. The two bond in the elevator. April walks outside with her things deeply overcome with emotion knowing that her professional life for the next month and possibly for the next year could be non-existent.  

 {sidebar id=8}Back at the house, Sara is decorating t-shirts for April with Beth and George. Ford freaks out after seeing Brenna and Greer hang out together. The doorbell rings and when Brenna opens the door, she finds that Kieran has stopped by. Kieran hands Brenna a tattoo he drew for April and tells Brenna he feels bad about the stupid joke he mentioned the day before. Brenna reluctantly invites Kieran inside and mentions that Greer is over. 

April shows up and thanks everyone for pulling the party together for her. Sara shows April the Photo album that her nana put together for her, how nicely Brenna packed bag and how her friends and family decorated all the clothes she would be bringing to the hospital. Sara tells April that the only thing she needs to worry about is having fun. 

Brenna and Greer are having a fun and flirty moment in the kitchen when Ford and Kieran look on both hurt and disgusted. Ford drags Kieran into another room. 

April bumps into Beth drinking her beer outside and Beth apologizes to April. April counter-apologizes and tells Beth that her condition was going to reach her co-workers sooner or later and just hearing that was another reality check for her. April tells Beth that being sick helps her to see things in a way other people can’t; A gift that would totally refund if she could. April also expresses her worry to Beth about calling Domenic to tell him but getting no answer. Beth drags April upstairs to show her one last surprise before the night ends.

Meanwhile, Brenna leaves the kitchen to head up to her room and finds Kieran hooking up with Ford. The two get confrontational with Brenna about feeling hurt and unneeded by her because she now has Greer in her life. Ford ends the friendship and Kieran asks Brenna to choose between him and Greer. Greer walks in and Brenna explains the situation. Greer sweetly tells Brenna that the only way she wants to continue to relationship is if Brenna is willing to commit and admit her feelings are real. Brenna apologizes to Kieran and ends things with him. Brenna takes Greer by the hand.  

Beth places a bald cap on April and reassures her that she will make a bald and beautiful cancer patient. Beth reassures April that she is going to get through this and the girls lean on each other and start crying. April walks downstairs into the kitchen a little while before going to bed and finds that her Grandmother has gifted her with prescription pot brownies. April cracks up and thanks her nana. Just after settling into bed and setting her alarm for the life changing day that lies ahead, April gives Domenic one last phone call and leaves him a message, apologizes for not mentioning anything sooner and urging him to read her final article. 

While Sara starts to clean up the kitchen, George pops in and offers to help. The two start to reminisce about the old days and Sara mentions how long its been since she’d done something foolish and impulsive. Just then, George kisses her. As much as she liked it is as much as she’s freaked out. George heads out and Sara takes the biggest gulp of wine. 

After her surprise kiss and kitchen cleanup, Sara snuggles into bed with April who unbeknownst to Sara is wide-awake. Early the next morning, Sara and Grandma read April’s article about cancer and start crying really hard. April expresses in her article her family’s fear, Bruce Hendrie’s fear, her correlation to cancer with being enlisted in the army and signed up for something she wasn’t even close to prepared for. As she leaves her house with her family and kisses it all ‘goodbye’ she realizes what she is leaving and tries to remain strong in the midst of all her emotion. Just then, millions of miles away, Domenic reads her story and realizes the grave secret April’s been hiding. 

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