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Death Becomes Her

April is enjoying a game of bridge with her grandmother and her friends; all of whom are discussing the death of a dear friend. April starts asking them about their attitudes towards death and the women reassure her that they have reached a point in their lives where death doesn’t phase them. 

Having death in the back of her mind, April attends a yoga session run by her cancer support group and bumps into Leo who brings up Domenic’s trip to Germany in conversation. April doesn’t want to talk about it and instead asks Leo for their cancer support group leader Jackson and Leo says that Jackson is in the hospital because he hasn’t been responding to chemo. Leo mentions that the thing about cancer support groups is that sometimes people die. April starts to panic. 

The next morning, Brenna is talking with April and packing because she is going to Miami with the eco club; code for a getaway to Miami with Greer and some time to sneak in a meeting their half sister Natalie.  When April asks Brenna for a cheek swab for the hospital, Brenna says she would do it anytime to help out her sister. 

April and Sara have a moment alone. April expresses that she is feeling okay and is just excited to start chemo and mentions that someone paid for her fertility treatment; implying the question of whether or not her mother was the mystery donor. Sara admits that she didn’t and April dashes out of the house upset. 

Seeking clarification and solutions, April arrives at George’s office and meets Dr. Hamburg, her new primary doctor who makes it clear that her life’s mission is to destroy cancer because she hates it and tells April that no choice is without its consequences but will be there to back April to the best of her abilities to beat her cancer for good. Hamburg also tells April its up to her to fight for it also.

Brenna and Greer start making out on Greer’s bed and Brenna mentions that she found Natalie Ortiz’ address. Brenna says she wants to meet Natalie alone but Greer offers to join her. Although Brenna feels apprehensive, she agrees to go through with it and take Greer with her. 

While at work, April starts googling what happens when chemo doesn’t work and finds Raquel hovering over her shoulder, asking her how her summation is going. April snaps at Raquel and says that she is no longer her supervisor and Raquel is quick to warn her that she is still April’s superior and just wants to see how she is progressing. 

In the middle of the night, April has a nightmare about people in her life disappearing and dying and wakes up freaked out and afraid. 

The next morning, Sara walks Brenna to the door for her trip and mentions how relieved she is that Brenna is going away and Brenna admits that she is happy her mom is doing the same by going on the boat trip with the hospital’s care giver’s club. Brenna states that that must hardly be a getaway but Sara reassures Brenna that based on her last experience there, cancer is the last thing on this group’s mind. Brenna leaves happily. 

Meanwhile, Beth and April talk about how much she misses Domenic and comments on how tedious her current project is at work. Beth urges April to play hookie because she only has a few days left until she starts Chemo. April brings up the fact that someone paid for her eggs and Beth mentions that whoever did so must be a saint because they’re giving her free babies. April brings up the fact that Beth slept with Domenic’s roommate and asks for details. Beth says that sleeping with perfectionists has its upsides but mostly has its negatives. The two laugh it off. 

April walks into work to find that a pipe burst and Raquel makes an obnoxious comment about her office being unaffected by the damage. April gets to work. 

Brenna and Greer arrive at the hotel for the conference and upon settling in, the girls immediately blow off the conference to go find Natalie. 

April stops by Jackson’s hospital room on her break from work and comes in with flowers. However Meg, another great friend from the support group tells April that flowers are no good for a Cancer patient’s immune system. April immediately throws out the flowers. Jackson admits that he feels trapped and is sick of breathing in hospital air; no pun intended. Leo walks in for a visit and brings in Cannolis. Jackson says they should serve them at his funeral although since he won’t be there to enjoy it, there is no point in serving them. Jackson expresses he wishes he could attend his own funeral.  His only request for music was to play the song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powder. April gets all choked up and heads out the door. Meg invites April out to do something fun with her and Leo and the rest of the group but April passes.  

April arrives back at work to the sound of vacuums and potato chip crunching and assertively tells Raquel that she is taking the rest of the day off because she is sick with or without Raquel’s approval. Feeling like a total Rebel, April goes to Beth’s house to celebrate and the girls head out to enjoy themselves with Leo and Meg. 

Beth and April find themselves at a place called the Velvet Lounge;  a gritty looking strip club. Leo calls the girls over and April mentions that she isn’t surprised that Leo knows the place or the servers. Leo states that he isn’t the only one who knows someone who works at the strip club. To April’s surprise, Meg starts sexy dancing and stripping on the stage; taking everything off including her wig. Meg admits she feels liberated and sexy and thanked Leo for helping her out as well as everyone else whose dreams he’s made come true prior to their passing. April asks Leo if he paid for her eggs but Leo dodges the question. The group is headed off to yet another event. 

Sara is heading off to the boat celebration and bumps into a woman who attends the support group. The woman apologizes for possibly scaring Sara off but Sara reassures the woman that this is exactly what she needs. Sara bumps into George. George is surprised to see Sara and Sara mentions that this is exactly what she needs. George is delighted to see her and the two walk onto the boat. There is a chemistry and a tension between the two. 

Brenna and Greer finally arrive at Natalie’s place; Brenna is freaking out and is nervous but Greer takes her by the hand and reassures her everything is going to be okay. Brenna knocks on the door and arrives at no answer, she goes to walk away. Greer tries again and Brenna and Natalie confront eachother. Natalie is not in the least bit happy to see Brenna and says she wants nothing to do with her or her family. Brenna calls a taxi to leave and Greer urges her to try again. Natalie walks to her car and mentions how hurt she feels knowing she was the “other child” and then Brenna and her make a weird amends and Natalie invites the girls out for drinks.  

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Beth and April help Leo roll Jackson out of the hospital and roll him to his very own planned out funeral. 

Brenna and Greer are back at the bar with Natalie and her friends and the girls all toast after Natalie says a snarky comment about being close to her mom because she was the only one she had. After a while, Greer starts to feel sick and Brenna asks Natalie if her drink was poisoned. Natalie says she wouldn’t do something like that and gets offended. Brenna tells Natalie that she came with good intentions and finally admits to Natalie that April had cancer. Natalie tells Brenna that she remembered the freak that chased her and knew about her perfect little family. Natalie says that she’s sorry about April’s cancer, mentions that she’s met Sara and walks away unsympathetically. Brenna leaves with Greer disappointed in her half sister.

 {sidebar id=8}Back on the boat, George buys Sara a drink. A woman named Carrie comes onto George and Sara gets jealous at her flirting with him but immediately diverts her attention. The two engage in small talk and Carrie mentions how great it is to see George. Sara talks to George and tells him that Carrie seems nice and she wants to know what happened. George tells Sara that he was dating Carrie when the accident happened. George mentions how much he blames himself and Sara admits to him that she doesn’t blame him for the accident but for keeping Natalie a secret from her. 

Jackson is both thrilled and overcome with emotion at his funeral party. One of his dear friends mentions that he just wishes he could rewind life and live all those fun moments with Jackson all over again. April starts shaking her head and crying and begins to envision people attending her funeral. 

When it is Jackson’s turn to say a few words; he admits he is nervous and thanks  everyone for coming out and says that this unconventional day was the greatest day of his life and has resigned himself to the fact that he will meet up with all his friends in heaven or in the next life. Jackson states that even though Cancer has kicked his ass and it looks like he’s going to lose, he feels like he’s won because he got to play the game of life with everyone in attendance. Leo holds Jackson and says he loves him and surprises him with his college’s acapella group and their performance of “Bad Day” by Daniel Powder. April and Beth hold each other crying because they know that her time and his time and their time is running short. 

After Jackson’s life celebration, the group decided to go down to the diner and invite Leo and April to come but Leo stays back at the parlor to clean up and April offers to stay and help. 

April tells Leo how amazing it was to see Jackson and everyone there feel so happy and tells Leo he’s not as much of an ass as he pretends to be. Leo tells April it gives him a positive legacy to be known by and how grateful he is to be known as a giving person. Leo says he will leave the world with no regrets. Leo grabs April and kisses her. April pushes him away and then the two start having sex on the funeral parlor couch. 

Afterwards, the two have a talk about Leo’s final wish and he tells April she just granted it. April brings up her fear of death and how casual everyone else is about it. She asks him if he is scared but Leo just tells April that he doesn’t allow his mind to go there because it’s not a place he likes to go. April mentions how afraid she is about her bone marrow surgery and Leo tells April that he is scared too but refuses to undergo a risky surgical procedure to remove the tumor from his brain because it could leave him a vegetable. April tells Leo that he’s stopped fighting and she won’t but Leo tells April if he dies, he’s going to do so on his own terms and not as a mindless person controlled by hospital personnel. 

On the final day of their weekend trip to Florida, Greer thanks Brenna for taking good care of her on their trip and Brenna thanks Greer for taking her to visit her sister because she would’ve regretted if she didn’t go even though Natalie sucked. 

April arrives home and talks to Sara about death and openly tells her mother her greatest regret if she died tomorrow would be the tension between the two of them and Sara agrees to let bygones be bygones. Brenna arrives home and the family plays a game of bridge to celebrate.   

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