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Beth shows up to the fertility doctor with April who helps her answer a questionnaire about her sexuality and health. April is stressed between dealing with chemo and her desire for fertility. Beth calms her down with the typical bestie jokes and the doctor agrees to do Natural cycle in vitro shots for April for a hefty $5,000. April agrees to consider but doesn’t have the money for it. 

April arrives home and finds her family sitting around the dinner table. Grandma cooked and Sara asks how the appointment with the fertility doctor went. April tells her mom that she is considering natural cycle in vitro shots and her mom fails to avoid her disapproval. April walks off annoyed at her mother’s lack of support and changes for her cancer support group.  

April vents to her support group about how she was supposed to start chemo but instead saw a fertility doctor and how she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to afford it or if she’ll live long enough to have all the things she’s looking forward to in life including having kids. She mentions how her language has changed to talking about her lifeline and her purpose. But like most philosophical individuals including people diagnosed with terminal illness, who hasn’t pondered those questions? 

April is also freaking out because she still hasn’t told Domenic and she planned on doing so the following day. Leo glances over at her both astounded and in tune with her feelings. After group closes, Leo and April meets up to chat and Leo tells April that regardless of how she says it, telling Dom is going to be hard but that is the moment when you will see people’s true colors. Then April asks for a favor and Leo jokes around saying he won’t father her child…But let’s be honest, he definitely wants to. April goes straight into business and asks Leo for his consent to write a piece on his father and the St. Christopher’s Society; an organization he started for wealthy kids whose main thrills are to splurge incredulously. Leo gives April his blessing and long as it makes her as happy as she thinks it will. 

At work the next morning, April arrives to her meeting to find that her boss Lawrence is thoroughly unamused by the lack of stories. The sex columnist had the most interesting story about a local man suing his ex girlfriend for sperm napping and having a baby with his stolen sperm behind his back. April looks up at Domenic and remembers her trip the day before. After the sex columnist works out the kinks of her story, April pitches her story about St. Christopher’s Society which Lawrence approves as long as it makes it past the tireless wretch Raquel..Challenge accepted. 

Brenna attempts to talk to Greer at school post party madness but Greer pushes Brenna off saying that she has to plan club activities. Brenna apologizes making out with Kieran  and Greer says she understands and that hook ups happen admitting she felt bad about it. Greer asks Brenna if there was something else that Brenna was trying to get at but Brenna denies it and Greer walks away. The high school love triangle just keeps intensifying. 

Domenic and April bask in April’s pre-acceptance glory after their meeting adjourns. Domenic says he’s happy that Leo changed his mind and attitude completely by giving April his blessing. April is feeling some tension because she just can’t shake that kiss from last episode out of her mind. Lawrence approaches Domenic about a job offer to shadow famous French band Death Punk in Berlin to write a behind the scenes book about them. Domenic willingly accepts and April is feeling bittersweet. 

Post job offer, April and Domenic leave work together. April tells Domenic that dreams do come true. He admits he is interested but is hesitant to take it saying it’s hard to say no Lawrence. April asks if Domenic would be okay with leaving Boston for four months. He assures April not to worry about it and confirms their dinner date later that evening. 

April visits George after work to vent about her stresses. She admits that she has a lot on her plate right now and her mother’s passive aggressive comments of disapproval aren’t helping. April thanks George for being there for her and apologizes for saying that he doesn’t care about anyone but his patients. George says that her father put him in an impossible position and says that April’s Dad always wanted to do the right thing, he just never knew what that was. 

 {sidebar id=8}After finishing her story, April anxiously awaits Raquel’s approval.  Upon Raquel’s arrival, she ripped April’s piece apart and mentioned that the piece had no point. Raquel gives April an hour to completely re-work her piece and facesciously. Obnoxiously charming yet witty co-worker Danny congratulates April on channeling her anger and making the cat fights better. April gushes to Danny about her spiking stress levels and Danny gives April a CD of tribal music that helped him focus in school. He gave her the analogy of April being the lion hunting Raquel the cheetah. And after sinking her teeth into this one, the lioness rightfully won her title and her first by-line. April was over the moon excited when Lawrence congratulated her and proclaimed her future successes. 

Beth and April toast to April’s By-Line success. Beth admits that her “yard-sale” is in an effort to raise money for April’s in vitro. April rethinks telling Domenic about her illness because of his job offer but Beth tells her to stop worrying so much about how others are going to deal and cope with her cancer but to focus on how she is going to deal with it herself. 

April and Brenna talk back at home and Brenna admits that she is not used to seeing April and Sara fighting. April admits that she has made some decisions that their mom just doesn’t accept. Aprils admits that she got her first solo by-line and Sara starts eavesdropping. Brenna says that April is a real reporter now. April says it’s finally happening and with everything that’s been going on at home, she plans on celebrating with Domenic. Sara walks away hurt by her efforts to do what’s best and April receives a text from Danny that her story has been scrapped. April hurries back to the office freaked out. 

Sara’s mom invites her out for dinner to help get her nose out of cancer books. Sara is disinterested. George stops by and approaches Sara asking how she is. Sara claims she’s fine but George mentions that he spoke with April earlier and Sara admits she feels awful for the way she’s made April feel. George invites Sara out to clear her mind and help her out and Sara reluctantly agrees.  April leaves Domenic a voicemail about being late to dinner and arrives in the office to find that most of the staff surprise her with a “Happy 1st By-Line Party.” April is thrilled. Domenic, Danny, Beth & Brenna were all in on it. 

April’s Mom and George arrive to the hospital and go to a Cancer caregiver’s mixer together to find anything but caregivers. The party was full of parents and guardians whose sole purpose in showing up is to drink large amounts of wine and leave the cancer talk at home. Sara is mortified but ends up venting to George about how angry she is because she can’t place blame or make sense of any of it. 

April is happily celebrating her amazing cake and champagne and privately toasts to her amazing success with Domenic. Domenic offers April a massage. As soon as April leans in for a kiss, she notices Leo and freaks out. Domenic says he invited Leo and steps out for a moment to help move the party along. April admits it was awkward having two of them there with Leo trying to kiss her the other day and Leo tells April not to take it so seriously because he just came to have fun and enjoy the party.  Dom’s annoying roommate attempts to hit on Brenna who gets away safely with Beth’s protection. Leo eavesdrops on Domenic’s private phone conversation with Lawrence where he finalizes and confirms his offer to Domenic. Domenic makes Leo promise not to tell April anything because he may stay in Boston because of her. 

The office staff is playing this game of never of have I ever where they have to drink alcohol if they’ve done or felt something & Brenna admits through the game that she has feelings for Greer. Beth is happy for Brenna and tells April that she approves of Greer. The game intensifies even more when the staff is asked to drink to being attracted to someone in the room. Both Leo and Domenic drink to April. Leo locks eyes with April.

Leo has a moment alone with April as the party starts to wind down and shares Domenic’s news. Lawrence arrives and eventually approves of the party and tells April that she has full reign over her own writing from there on in. He wishes to promote her further but April mentions to Lawrence she needs to take off time. Lawrence believes April is making up excuses. April states she is leaving for health reasons and Lawrence understands her dilemma. 

As Brenna starts covering April’s desk with selfies, she uncovers the picture of Natalie April was hiding in her desk and freaks out. April has a moment alone with Domenic and says that Dom should take the job offer if he gets it because she knows how much he wants it. Domenic says that other things that he wants are in Boston. April says she knows but also knows that she doesn’t want to put too much pressure on the relationship because she is trying to be realistic. 

Brenna approaches April about the picture and April admits it is their half sister. Brenna is really upset but April says there is no definitive way to prove what their Dad felt for both their mom and this other woman but she says there is no point in being upset. April says that Cancer has taught her that being honest is much harder than it seems especially if you’re afraid of hurting someone you care about. 

Domenic tells April he took the job and April expresses her happiness for him. April says she has news for Domenic. 

Brenna leaves the office party to go to Greer’s estate and apologizes again for hooking up with Kieran on her bed. Greer admits that she likes Brenna. Brenna admits that she didn’t say everything she wanted to say to Greer in their conversation earlier and admits that her feelings of guilt come from her feelings for Greer. The two kiss. 

April tells Domenic to enjoy his experiences in Berlin and says that she has a lot to figure out and it would be better to do that on her own. April tells Domenic she doesn’t want him to resent her. The two agree to take a break to figure things out. As soon as April calls the Fertility office to arrange a payment plan, the doctor confirms that her payment was already made in full and the donor is anonymous..Could it be Leo?

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