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Chasing Life: Clear Minds, Full Lives, Let’s Eat!Chasing Life
Clear Minds, Full Lives, Let’s Eat!

The episode opens with vague trees and an unclear view of a police officer asking for a name and April responds. April wakes up as the episode flashes back to the day before. She finds Domenic leaning over her watching her sleep. April claims its creepy but Dom says its romantic. April recaps wrapping her brain around the news of her father’s affair. Dom has an optimistic approach and says it’ll probably bring the family closer together and offers to feed April breakfast. April is losing her appetite and leaves Domenic’s place to head home. 

April arrives home to find her mom Sara asleep on the couch. April tells her mom that she shouldn’t have been waiting up for her to arrive home. April says she is going to make a plan with George about her treatment and starts crying on her mom about how scared she is of dying and how stressed out she is about her illness. Sara offers to join her on her appointment with George. 

Before her appointment, April meets up with Beth. Beth says to April it must be easier now to live at home since telling her family about her Leukemia. April she does somewhat but now she has to deal with personal anxiety and everybody else’s feelings. Beth offers April a gift she made as a result of Sara’s advice to Beth to follow her passions. Beth hands April a beautifully wrapped yet incredibly tacky jacket. The two giggle about it and Beth admits her passion could use a little work. 

Brenna returns to school the next day and meets up with broody friend Ford. The two are giggling about yet another reckless choice Ford has made when Greer (Brenna’s former Social Studies Partner turned friend) invites Brenna to a party at her place that weekend. Ford makes a rude comment to Greer. Greer takes it in style and invites Ford to the party as well. The girls agree to attend. 

April attends her weekly cancer support group where a woman talks about her boyfriend cheating on her because he couldn’t handle her cancer. The group commends her for punching him in the face. April talks about her recent discovery of her ACL just as Leo peers into the group. April says how worried she is about everything. From something as trivial as losing her hair and feeling ugly to something as intense as just losing pleasure in everything that has ever made her life feel full. The girl who punched her ex makes a lighthearted comment about how “fun” cancer is and the group agrees in unison. Leo is taken aback by how genuine she was in expressing herself. 

April and Sara go to George’s office. George tells April that from that point forward, her Chemo care would be in the hands of Dr. Susan Hamburg, one of the best in all of Boston. George says Hamburg will review all the results before prepping for April’s chemotherapy which will be taking place within the next few days. Sara starts asking George a slew of questions regarding future steps in April’s treatment. April becomes annoyed and fearful at her mom’s questions directed to George about her health and leaves. 

Sara asks George for the side effects of Chemotherapy after April leaves and George lists them all including possible changes in April’s fertility. Sara gets upset about April’s possible loss of fertility. Sara and George exchange disgruntled comments about parenthood and the precautionary steps to be taken into account revolving around April’s health. 

Brenna meets up with Kieran at the local coffee shop and apologizes about not texting back. Brenna tells Kieran that her whole family knows now and things at home aren’t easy. Brenna can’t find punch card for coffee and the barista flirts with Brenna and gives her a free coffee punch card. Kieran admits his jealously over what just occurred. The two flirt with each other and Kieran quickly moves on.  

April is back at the office after her interesting morning at the doctor’s office. She is scrounging for stories when Raquel rudely lets April know that she was personally requested on Hendrie campaign commercial shoot. Raquel throws a snarky comment back at April about her opportunity and April squares off with her.  

Domenic takes April on their awaited date as promised. April tells Domenic that  Raquel told her about the personal Hendrie request. Domenic wonders who it’s from and April believes it’s from Leo. Domenic takes April to an outdoor Oyster bar. April eats the oyster to make Domenic happy but ends up throwing up after the date while staying over at his place. April bumps into Domenic’s obnoxious roommate Grahmn and says that he thinks that April is either bulimic or pregnant. Turned off by his arrogance, April walks away. 

April walks into her house the next morning to find Beth, Mom & Brenna in what they call a “Meditation Circle.” Mom says that meditation circles are one of the best recommended ways for April to handle her stress levels. April tells mom she doesn’t want to be oblivious to her symptoms. Sara swears her and George just spoke about her stress levels. The circle starts meditation but April loses her patience saying that her time is of the essence. April heads upstairs rapidly and ends up losing her breathe. 

April is at the Hendrie campaign commercial shoot and encounters a typical family spat on camera between Leo and his Dad about how sick Leo is and how noticeable it is that his parents don’t care. He continues to tell his father off about his lack of knowledge regarding anything healthcare related. Leo storms off. Bruce Hendrie shows up with his Campaign manager and allows April to interview him after profusely apologizing for what had just occurred. 

Brenna and Kieran are making out on Kieran’s bed when Brenna pulls away saying she isn’t ready for that yet. Kieran says he understands and he knows the two of them don’t have a title or anything however he would reconsider for Brenna then tries to give Brenna advice about what is going on with April. 

April is officially seated with the mayor and his campaign manager for the interview. However whenever April would ask Hendrie questions, the campaign manager would take control by feeding Hendrie what to say and dodging April’s questions. The campaign manager tells April to only use what was on record. April doesn’t make promises. 

April walks towards the refreshment table where Leo offers her a drink to nourish and hydrate herself. April thanks Leo for the opportunity and Leo says he thought he would square off his Karma. Leo leaves set even though the directors needed him. April leaves with him. Sara asks April how she is feeling but April ignores it.  

April and Leo reach the parking lot and Leo confides in April about his free and self sufficient life in Paris where he took care of himself until he was diagnosed which forced him to move back to the States. April says she feels like she is suffocating. Leo says his parents use him as a prop. Leo says he would never be doing that to kids not like he would be having any. April finds out about her possible infertility and her heart sinks. Leo eggs April on to take a bike ride with him and April caves. 

April and Leo head to buy Leo a new sports car and Leo ends up stealing the car. April begs Leo to pull over until he finally does. April freaks out about possibly dying in a high-speed car chase or going to jail. Leo tells April she is too uptight and says she can’t live her life like this. Leo eggs April on to get in the driver’s seat and she willingly accepts. 

Brenna and Ford attend party Greer’s party. Ford steals from Greer’s fundraising jar and starts going through Greer’s closet all while sending texts to Kieran from Brenna’s phone that Ford needed to “borrow.” 

April is still driving and a mother and child complement the car. April starts crying because she might never have a family or her station wagon. After Leo tells April of all the possible alternatives, he kisses her and the police come. Leo suddenly has a seizure and April is telling the police her name; the exact scene where the episode started. April walks into Leo’s hospital room and Leo immediately asks April if she is in trouble. April asks how Leo is doing and tells Leo that she is not in trouble. Leo says that the silver lining in having cancer is that it gets you out of a lot of things. 

 {sidebar id=8}Leo tells April that she would come around eventually to loving him. The nurse comes in and informs Leo of what he already knew: his primary tumor has grown and he has four to five months to live at most. The nurse apologizes to Leo who already knew his terminal prognosis and April feels for him. 

Greer is happy to see Brenna at her party. Greer asks about April. Brenna says that April isn’t doing so great and says that it’s scary for her. Brenna goes on by saying that everyone asks her about how she is feeling about everything and how obligated she feels to say it’s okay except for Greer who she feels open to talk to about this. 

Greer opens up about the peace she felt from her Grandma’s passing because of how blissful and peaceful she was and she reassured Brenna that April would end up in a great place if she died. Brenna admits that was the best advice anyone has given to her. Kieran shows up to Greer’s party and Brenna leaves her to walk around with him. Greer gets jealous. 

The Hendries arrive at the hospital and thank April for calling. They are glad to hear Leo is alright and Bruce confirms he does know about healthcare. The Hendries admit that they just discovered that Leo is terminal and the thought of losing him is unbearable. April goes to find Leo but finds an empty hospital bed. 

April encounters Leo on the roof and finds that he is about to jump. April tries to talk him out of it but he jumps anyway, giving April a big scare meanwhile he is holding on to the edge of the building. Leo says it’s liberating knowing he’s terminal because he knows that worrying about the future is not living. He tells April that she isn’t living her life to the fullest by answering to other people and she should reconsider. 

Back at Greer’s party, Brenna and Kieran find their way back to Greer’s room. Brenna doesn’t think they should be in Greer’s room. The two start making out on her bed when Greer catches them and asks them to leave. Ford stumbles into the room drunk wearing Greer’s mom’s wedding dress and throws up in the nearby bathroom. 

April arrives home after her crazy day to find Mom cleaning the house like crazy. April says she is starving and Sara asks April if she has been eating. April goes to open the fridge for waffles and finds the fridge and cabinets empty because her mom emptied the cabinets of all processed foods. Sara also emptied April’s room of her things and she says that April needs a sterile environment. April yells at her mother because she feels like she is micromanaging every detail of a life that she wants to be in control of living for herself. The two argue about April’s discovery of her potential infertility and the episode ends with April telling her mom she is going to push back the chemo treatments to go visit a fertility doctor.

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