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Switched at Birth “The Image Disappears” 7-14-14Switched at Birth
“The Image Disappears” 7-14-14

Flashback: Angelo giving Regina a DNA test proving that Daphne is not his child. Regina is upset why are you doing this is it because the doctors are saying she is deaf? Angelo says No, I don’t want to raise another man’s child. They argue and Regina says your off the hook go home pack your stuff and get out we will be better off without you. Angelo says fine and gets in the elevator.

No longer flashback at the hospital Regina is in tears sitting in the waiting room with Daphne.  The Kennish’s show up and Regina says he ran off the road. The doctor comes out and says that he is in stable condition but he suffered a brain injury. Daphne, Regina, and Bay are at Angelo’s bed side and he holds Regina’s hand and he opens his eyes. Regina assures him that everything is going to be fine.  The next day the doctor checks in to see how Angelo is doing Angelo hasn’t been awake since yesterday. They ask if it is bad and he says no that sleeping heals you and he explains the monitor that shows 19 if he goes above 20 they should worry.  In the waiting room Mr. Kennish is arranging Angelo’s medical expenses. Meanwhile Daphne has to take the SAT and Regina insists she leaves. Daphne agrees and Toby walks in to tell Regina the police want to speak with her.  Daphne asks Toby to text her if the number on the monitor goes above 20 he agrees.

The police interview Regina asking if Angelo had anything to drink? She says no. They ask how did he seem  when he left  did he give you any reason to think something was wrong and she has another flashback of the night of the accident. Angelo was furious.  She responds with no. Mr. Kennish ask if they still think Angelo was trying to avoid a deer. The police says based on tire marks he swerved so it could have been a deer or a hit and run or a suicide attempt. Mr. Kennish responds with not Angelo and the police officer says in my experience it is always the person you least expect.

Daphne is checking her phone while entering the SAT and the moderator tells her she can’t have the phone. Daphne explains that Angelo is in the hospital but the moderator says no and takes the phone placing it face down on the teacher’s desk. At the hospital you see Bay talking to Angelo and the monitors numbers skyrocketing.  Toby leaves to text Daphne and back in the classroom Daphne’s phone is vibrating and blinking she is obviously distressed she leaves her test gets her phone the moderator warns her but then says you’re done. Daphne doesn’t care or see what the moderator says she has already begun to gather her things to leave and runs out of the classroom. In the hospital room Bay is still talking to Angelo and he seems to grab onto her hand and then the monitor start alerting that there is an issue. The nurses run in and call for an open OR.

Regina is outside with Mrs. Kennish they are talking about Angelo still being in surgery. Mrs. Kennish wants to pray she ask if Regina wants to pray with her. Regina says I don’t want to be one of those people that pray or believe in God when I need something. Mrs. Kennish says I want my kids to come to me when they are in trouble whether or not they believe in me. They start to pray,

 {sidebar id=8}Bay is at the vending machine hitting it. She wants to do something except wait around. She decides to go donate blood. While giving blood she asks if it can go to her father the nurse says she will mark it as such. When she starts to give blood she because really woozy she has a flashforward of herself in labor with twins and Angelo is there by her side helping her cope with the pain. HE starts talking about what it was like when Regina was in labor with her. (This will never happen! Poor Bay!!) Bay wakes up from her flash forward and Emmet is holding her hand. She hugs hi. They walk up to the room and the doctors are talking about vitals. Bay is upset with Daphne for going to the SATs and while she is yelling at her Daphne starts lip reading what the doctors are saying. She begins to cry and Bay asks what happened what is it. Daphne says Angelo is brain dead and starts to ball. When the doctor tells Regina she is devastated. Daphne follows the doctor and asks what happened. He suggest organ donation knowing that a part of him lives on.

The Kennish house Katherine gathers thing for  Regina. John is trying to find a doctor to take Angelo he doesn’t believe the doctors.  Katherine says we are going to have to accept that the doctors are right we have to let him go. John is upset. John tells Katherine that Angelo came to him and asked for a loan because the restaurant was going under. I told him no but really on the inside I was happy. You don’t think that he would kill himself. Katherine says no.

At the hospital Bay is telling Daphne that she doesn’t believe the doctors. Daphne says she thinks they should donate his organs. Bay thinks Daphne just doesn’t care they haven’t even told his other family members. Bay goes with Emmett to find Angelo’s mother’s number.  They find it and his will. Daphne has a flashforward of her in her wedding dress and Angelo comes in to give her away. Daphne asks for advice about whether she is marrying the right person. Angelo says love is an imperfect science.

John and Katherine come to the hospital Regina is upset that they are giving up. Regina says now you get to be the girls only father. She storms off.

Bay and Emmett read Angelo’s will. It states that he does not want to be on life support. Bay wants to act like they never saw it but Emmett won’t let her. She gets really angry and is feeling guilty that he lived so close yet ignored him.

Katherine finds Regina and Regina apologizes for yelling at John. John is family if you can’t yell at family who can you. Regina tells Katherine about the fight she had with Angelo and Katherine tells her not to blame herself. Regina says that they broke up because of the switch and when she found out  she was to angry and stubborn to tell him. She had all those years and she wasted them.  Bay brings Angelo’s will to the hospital and shares it with the family. The family gets together to talk about giving away Angelo’s organs they find out that Angelo had a previous condition that could have killed him if he had high blood pressure or if he was angry. Bay calls Angelo’s mother and lets her know what has happened and give her a chance to say goodbye. They all say goodbye and the wheel Angelo away to have his organs harvested.

 Daphne at the end blames Regina for Angelo’s death.

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